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Ashley Pov

"We'll be right back, " Luke says not looking at me. I know he's mad at me and it hurts.

"Where you guys going?" I asked giving a fake smile.

"No where, just stay here." Luke commands, my smile goes to a frown. Jason gives me a small smile then heads out the door with Luke.

34 Minutes Later

I'm so board, there's absolutely nothing to do. The TV isn't showing anything interesting. I hate day time television. I head upstairs and go to my bathroom in my room and start brushing my hair.

I here the door bell ring repeatedly.

"I'm coming!" I yelled running down the stairs to the door.

I opened it with a annoyed expression.

"Crap, " I murmured, backing away from the door.

"Missed me?" He asked, coming in closer and closer and by know were only inches apart

"W-What are you doing here Andy?" I asked stuttering like an idiot.

Come on Ashley show no fear. I pushed him away moving back, He was taken aback. I can't blame him.

"What the hell do you think your doing here?" I ask, rage rising up.

"Calm down, I just wanted to know if you got my note?" He asked, raising his arms in surrender.

"I don't ca

e your clothes off!" He demanded making me scoff and roll my eyes.

I gave a simple no, then start moving back.

"No? I guess ill have to force you, " He shrugs his shoulder, getting on the bed.

"Rape!" I yelled, I remember yelling that at Luke.

"Shutup, " He pulled my legs making, me come closer to me. I closed my eyes tight, after a while nothing happened.

I open my eyes and see Andy knocked out on the floor. Then see Jason and Luke at next to him. Tears started prickling down my face and I start crying.

I started sobbing, I felt Luke hugging me while whispering comforting things in my ears. Being wrapped in Luke's arms was.... Comforting, I wanted to stay like this Forever.

I hugged him tighter, afraid if I let go he'd disappear forever.

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