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Ashley Pov

Why couldn't they have been Vampires or magical fairies or maybe even Bigfoot. I laid down on my bed hoping I could come up with an excuse to leave this house because basically, I was in a house with two male werewolf and I was the only human.

I felt my phone buzzing under my pillow, Veronica must of left it here for me. Man do I love her right now.

I picked it up to here my mother yelling something, I pulled it away for a bit then put it back to my ear.

"Young lady, where the hell do you think you are?" she yelled as I shrieked pulling the phone away again.

"At..." I trailed off thinking of what to said next.

"A friends house. I just met someone at the park from school and I'm staying over her house for a bit. you don't mind do you?" I ask hoping she bought it.

When it comes to me at a friends house my mom doesn't care unless its at a guys house and if my mother found out I was at a guys house she would freak, especially if it was a house with two werewolfs.

"Really? Veronica told me you went to Courtney's and Bella's house to have a little sleep over, " My mom said sounding crossed and angry.

Damn it Veronica, Way to go "Yeah! I'm at Courtney's house. Bella just left, " I said.

"Fine then.

I cut in.

"What's that?" I asked with a dull look on my face

He ignored my question, continuing on, "Anyways, your my mate, " He said, I stood up catching him by surprise.

He moved back "Whats that?" I asked. "You mean sex?" I said moving back, he grabbed my hands moving closer.

He looked surprised before rolling his eyes. "No."

I sighed in relief, moving my hand away, sitting back in my chair.

"Its kinda like..." he trailed off, thinking of something to say next "Soulmates!" he said ecstatically catching me by surprised.

Soulmates? how on earth are we soulmates, if I knew anything about soulmates I know that its the person who you love and frankly I didn't love him, I barely know him.

"How are we soulmates?" I asked, he frowned. I can tell he was hurt. I just didn't understand, why was he hurt?

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