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Ashley Pov

How could he, He can't just tell me what to do then walk off. He acts like he's the boss of me, last time I checked I didn't come here and ask to stay here. No, he Kidnaped me, picked me up, took me into his dumb cool car and drove me away to his house.

I'm not gonna listen to a word he says, even if he trys to kill me. I don't understand why he doesn't want me to talk or look at other guys. He doesn't own me.

I better just go talk to him, I mean maybe if I could just have a normal non-yelling talk we could actually get to know each other. Getting to know my kidnapper, not something I would expect myself to do.

I'm only at one step and I here Jason and Luke screaming at each other. Man those two argue alot, I mean for best friends they don't get along very well.

I peep in the door to see what there doing and I see them growling at each other and there eyes black. Its pretty scary, next thing I know Luke and Jason turn into wolfs.

In movies the girl yells and gets killed, I always thought they were stupid for yelling but now I understand why, its terrifying. My mind gets filled with horrible stuff happening to me and I...

"Ah, " I scream, backing away from the door, running downstairs. I hope they didn't here me.

Heck I think everyone in the neighborhood heard me, what's gonna happen now. Are they gonna eat me because I know? Are they gonna rape me before killing me? I know they'll just kill me and shove me into a lake.

I curled up into a ball sitting on the couch. I hear Luke and Jason coming downstairs and I started panicking. They came downstairs giving me a weird look. Luke came over about to touch my shoulder before I moved away closing my eyes. Why do I always get myself in these situations?

"Are you ok?" Luke asked, If you were a human and saw someone turn into a creature you never thought was real, would you be okay? No, Exactly.

I should really think of a way to escape, I couldn't help but keep moving away every time he tried to touch me. Finally I was in a corner, Jason on one Side and Luke on the other. Fuck.

"Did you..." Jason trailed on, I opened my eyes and stood up, they look a little surprise but move back a little.

"Yes, " I closed and opened my eyes, walking away. Jason blocked me, preventing me from continuing my way upstairs.

"Are you okay?" Luke ask again, giving me a worried look. Of course I'm not 'Okay' you turned into a Fucking Wereworf and your gonna as

k me 'Are you okay?'.

"Of course I'm not ok, " I mummered, walking upstairs. Jason and Luke followed me, watching my every move. I went into my room, turned to face them then slammed the door in there face.

I have to get out of here.

I looked around and saw a window, Yes. I went over to it and looked down, not to far a jump. I open it and wind instantly hits my face, it felt good.

I step on the roof and looked around, there only ten houses here. I started yelling, while waving my hand like a maniac.

"Hey! A little help here!" I yelled, still waving my hands, no one came out.

"Come on, " I stomped my foot on the roof, I lost my balance and fell off the roof. Nice one Ashley.

Good Bye world, good bye Veronica, good bye Bella, good bye Courtney and good bye life as I know it.

I was close to ground, I closed my eyes, knowing my fate. Few seconds later I was still alive, did I make the landing? Impossible. I opened my eyes to see a amused Jason and a very pissed Luke, Luke held me.

He saved my life, I would be happy if they weren't wolfs. I started screaming and thrashing, trying to get out of his hold on me.

"Stop screaming, that scream of yours could bust a ear drum, " He was right, it could burst an ear drum and I did bust someone's ear drum before and ill do it again.

"Help! Anyone!" I was getting no where and we were getting closer to the house.

"Rape!" Luke looked at me and raised an eyebrow. "Rape! Rape! Rape! Help he's a Raper and the blonde's his apprentice."

Luke scowled at me, Jason laughed. "Shutup Raper-number- two!" Jason laughed harder.

I got tired of this and I kicked my leg up and hit Luke in the head, he dropped me.


I rubbed my butt, I got up and kicked Jason in the nuts, He fell down, holding his area. When Luke got up I kicked him there also, he fell back down, groaning.

I started running, I have no idea where. I looked back to see Jason and Luke got up and started chasing me. I turned back around only to bump into someone.

It was a girl My age, Yes.

"Help me!" She looked at me for a while before looking behind me to see Luke and Jason getting close.

"Your running away from Alpha Luke?" Alpha Luke?

"Hi I'm-" She got cut my Luke, he ran past her and grabbed me.

"Rape! Help, Rape!" I yelled, banging on his back. She shook her head and chuckled.

"His mates cute, " What?


I ended up back in my room, windows locked. Escape plan failed.

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