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Ashley Pov

I woke up to see Luke holding me in his arms so close. Luke's so cute when he's sleeping, he wakes up rubbing his eyes looking at me with a strange face then I realize I'm looking at him with a smile. I turn my head getting out of the bed, Blushing.

He also gets up heading towards the bathroom. I leave the room, heading towards my room before I see Jason getting out of his room, I roll my eyes at him and continue heading towards my room.

I open the door and to my surprise I see Veronica with her hair done, her nails painted and she smells like a fresh summer breeze.

"Why are you so up early, " I asked, she turned around to face me surprised.

"I'm leaving today, " she tells me getting up and hugs me heading downstairs, I follow her.

We enter the kitchen and she prepares pancakes, I would never tell her this but she's an amazing cook and I love it when she cooks.

"Why?" I asked smelling the delicious pancakes as they rise up.

She turns to me and raises and eye brow, "Because your boyfriends friend Jason is annoying, I woke up last night to get some milk and we bumped into each other then he starts trying to kiss me again and I as usual push him back making him mad."

She turns back around putting the pancakes on hers and my plate. I'm surprised Jason's still trying to get Veronica to like him, I mean desperate much.

"Luke's not my boyfriend, " I couldn't help but frown, I like him more than just a friend, it's stupid.

"I understand, its gonna be hard living with him, " Veronica put her fork down and heading back to the kitchen.

"Your actually gonna stay, " S

he turned to face me, an unsure look spread across her face.

"Ill be fine, as far as I know Luke wont let him hurt me, " I smiled, Luke's protective of me, one of the things I truly love.

"Luke, he seems nice. He better not hurt you, " She says closing the fridge and going into the living room, I love my sister to death and I love how she trys to protect me.

"And what if Luke hurts her?" Me and Veronica turn around and see that its Luke.

Veronica goes over to him, "I'll take her back home with me and I know you wont like that." she smiles then comes back to seat with me, I roll my eyes smiling.

Luke comes over to us and grabbed the remote, changing the channel from Spongebob to CSI.

Veronica looks shocked at what he had done, something I noticed since we were little was that Veronica loves Spongebob.

"How dare you? Change it back or ill chop of your head!" She yelled, catching Luke by surprise. Veronica yanks the remote out of his hands and changes it back.

He looks at me with a questioning look, I just shrug and face the TV, watching a episode over ten times.


Veronica leaves giving me a great big hug and gives Luke a small hug. When she leaves Luke grabs my hand taking me to the seat at the living, catching me by surprise.

"Let me give you some rules, " he begins, I raise an eyebrow. Who does he think he is? "You can't talk, look, or even think of another Guy, got it." he demands, Who the hell does he think he is? Obama!

"Your not the boss of me! You don't tell me what not to do, you don't own me, You can't do this!" I was frustrated, He can't do this to me.

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