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Luke's Pov

Jason and I were in the living room asking my mate what her name was but she wouldn't say. Jason and I pinned her to the floor.

She looked scared of what we were gonna do. We started tickling her and every time we did she would laugh louder and louder, kind of sounded like a hyena at one point.

"S-stop, " she giggled, squriming around the floor trying to escape from our grip.

"What's your name?" I asked smirking at her, she shook her head, her being stubborn would get her no where. We kept on tickling her.

"Its Ashley, you happy now?" she sighed in the defeat, she giggled some.

I looked at Jason then back at Ashley.

"Who was that girl you were watching at the park a few days ago?" She stop laughing and stuck her tounge out at me.

I signaled Jason to keep going. She continued to laugh until she finally gave in.

"It was my sister, Veronica, " she said. We got off her and she stood up.

"You didn't have to tickle me to death, " she rolled her eyes sitting on one of the chairs.

I was about to sit down with her before the door bell rang.

I opened the door seeing a familiar face I once saw at the park then realized it was Veronica, Ashley's sister. I let her in and when I close the door Veronica ran over to Ashley hugging her tightly.

"What are you doing here? last time I checked you let me get kidnapped by these two, " she said pointing at me and Jason.

"Sorry, but atleast there cute, " Me and Jason smiled smugly.

Ashley turned around and shot us a glare, "Don't flater yourself."

She turned back at her sister "Why don't you just go home?" she gets up going to the door, Veronica follows.

"Not without you, ethier you come with me or I stay, " she states firmly, closing the door.

Before Ashley could say anything Jason looked at Veronica and whispers "mine" then goes over to her and kisses her.

Guess he found his mate.

Veronica trys pushing him away but Jason's grip is to strong. Veronica pulls on his hair causing his head to fly backwards, he growled, eyes turning black.

She backs away and next to Ashley, him following. Veronica starts to get a bit scared and moves behind Ashley. Ashley stands her ground, flinching everytime he growls. Jason, Pushes pass them and heads upstairs, you could hear his stomping; The sound of a door slamming echoed threw the house.

Veronica sighed in relief then looked at Ashley in disbelief. She wont have to worry about Jason hurting her, Jason wouldn't lay a hand on his Luna.

"Are you coming home with me?" Veronica asks raising an eye brow grabbing Ashley's hand.

She looks at me then Veronica, biting her soft, pink lips.

"N-no, " She stutters, Veronica frowns.

My lips curl up into a smile and I start getting giddy, Ashley snickered at me.

"Fine, " She shakes her head and sighs, She looks at Ashley for a while before something pops in her head. "Ill stay with you."

Ashley's eye widen, I shake my head."What about Jason?" Ashley asks, hoping that would get her to leave.

"I don't care about him, plus you and Ashley will protect me. right?" she shrugs looking at me and Ashley.

Ashley shrugs her shoulder and I give her a 'this isn't gonna work, Jason will do anything to get her' look and she gives me a ' ill protect her and so will you or I'm leaving also' look, I'm not losing Ashley.

I hesitantly shrug and Veronica starts jumping up and down making Ashley jump also

"Great where will I stay?" she smiles at me

"I don't know, we don't have a room for you, " I say shrugging my shoulders, then I here Jason come down stairs.

Ashley Pov

Jason comes down stairs and I pull her to my back.

"Maybe she can stay in my room, " he suggest, smirking but I didn't like it one bit.

"Your funny, " I said sarcastically ."No way is

she staying with you." I look at him with a disgust look on my face.

"She'll stay in my room, " I look at Jason's smirk go down then look at Luke.

"There's not enough space in your room, she'll sadly have to stay with Jason. he has the biggest room in this house, " A huge frown forms on my face, Jason smirk rises up.

"Isn't there any other room?" I pled, Luke shakes his head 'No'.

Jason grabs Veronica's hands taking her upstairs, I try and follow but Luke pulls me back. Its been over ten minutes and they haven't came downstairs, I go upstairs and into Jason's room.

I come in to see Veronica on the floor closing her eyes and Jason hovering over her. I get pissed, Veronica opens her eyes and sighs in relief. She trys to get out of Jason's grip but she can't.

"Get off of her!" I yell, trying to push him off but he just pushes me down and I get really ticked off.

I get up and do something I never imagined I would actually do to someone, let alone a guy; I spit on him. He jumps up with a 'what the fuck' look and Veronica jumps up and stands next to me.

"He tried to kiss me but I pushed him away and slapped him, " she says putting her hands on her hips.

"She's not interested in you, " I yell at him, his eyes turn black once again and he turns to leave but I pull his arm, making him face me, "If you ever touch my sister ag-" I was cut by Jason grabbing me by the chin forcefully.

"You'll what?" his voice was dangerously low, I'm swimming in dangerous waters but do I care? Not one bit. I pushed him back and step back away from him, Veronica watching us, a hurt look crosses her face. Why is she hurt?

"This, " I knee him in the crotch, He groans falling on the floor, holding the area. I grab my sister and leave his room, going into me room.

"If he touches you tell me and we'll go, " She hesitantly and sadly nods.

She silently crawls into my bed and under my blanket and slowly drifts to a peaceful slumber. Luke came into our room looking at Veronica sleeping on my bed.

"Do you have another bed?" I ask, he lead me to another room the had a king sized bed.

"This is for me." I smile.

I run over to the bed and jump on it, laying down; Slowly pulling the covers over me. Luke came over and came next to me.

I gave him a questioning look.

"Our room, " he corrected, What other choice do I have exactly? None.

For some odd reason I love being with him, When we kissed the other day sparks flew, fireworks, everything stopped but us, I wanted to kiss him again, I wanna feel the sparks again, I loved the burning sensation when we touch.

Its weird but I think I'm in love with my kidnapper, To bad he probably doesn't love me. Sadly I fall asleep knowing he doesn't love me.

Or Does he?

-Veronica's Pov-

Shortly after Ashley left with Luke my eyes fluttered opened, I was never asleep. How could I when I have so much on my mind?

Its so odd, When Jason kissed me, everything stopped, it was incredible; I've never felt this way before.

Now that I think about it I'm pretty upset I pushed him away, I guess I was afraid. The emotions I was feeling were so un-real, Could a person really feel so much emotion from one little kiss? Apparently, Yes. When Ashley kneed him in his special place, I was hurt.

I have no idea why but I care about that blonde Guy, his amazing chocolate eyes just makes me wanna melt. I feel attached to him, like I'm ment to be with him, whenever he touched me it was like fire, whenever he touched me I felt something, I just don't know what.

I really just need to think about all of this, I know I said I need to stay here with Ashley but she's got Luke. I'm going home tomorrow, to figure out what my exact feelings are.

Do I love Jason? That was my last Question before I fell asleep.

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