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Ashley Pov

We entered the room and I learned that the blondes name is Jason and the brunettes name is Luke.

"Jason, take our forever guest to her room, " he looked at me with a smile then at Jason, he grabbed my hands leading me upstairs.

"Nooo, I'm not staying here!" I yelled but we were already upstairs.

We entered the room and my jaw dropped in surprise, there was a huge bed with a desk next to it, a walk in closet and a cute little circle rug. Jason noticed my jaw was hanging and so did I so I put back up.

"You like it?" he asked smiling.

Ive never seen a room this big before, I mean we have a big room in our house to but that's our living room so it didn't count.

"Its pretty big, " I said entering the room Jason left heading downstairs.

"If you need anything just yell, " He then headed down stairs and I decided to take that to my advantage since I would be staying here for a while.

"Jason, Luke, " I yellled, they ran upstairs.

"Yes?" Luke said out of breath, this made me smile.

"I need waffles and if you don't have it go and get it!" I yelled at them.

Luke went down stairs before I stopped him, "No, I want Jason to do it, " Jason stoped laughing and glared at me for a while before Luke gave him a Just-Do-It look.

They give each other lots of looks but I didn't care. Jason went down stairs and it was just me and Luke, he came over and sat next to me and I scooted over a bit.

"I don't bite, " he put his hands on my shoulder and I slapped it off.

"Yeah, well I do, keep your hands off me, " I said annoyed, he laughed at me.

Jason entered and gave me the waffles on a plate with a side of fruits and syrup, I ate them all then burped softly with a blush.

"Excuse me, " They laughed while I just rolled my eyes, Boys.

"Can we go to the livingroom to watch TV?" I asked, They nodded and we were on our way downstairs, there gonna need to give me a tour of this place soon.

We head down stairs, Jason sitting in one chair and me sitting next to Luke, he grabs me by my waist and puts me on his lap, I push him away and sit next to him.

"Nope, as I said in my room, keep your hands to yourself, " I said with a grin on my face.

He frowned making me feel kind of sad believe it or not, Weird. I pick up the remote and start channel surffing but I can't find anything good to watch, finally Jason gets up and takes the remote from me and goes back to his seat.

I get up and follow him me tapping my feet and waiting, after a while of waiting I snatch the remote from him then smack him hard and before I know it he tackles me and I'm on the floor, him growling at me.

I didn't know what he was gonna do so I closed my eyes tight but before I did that Luke ran over to us trying stop Jason from doing whatever, I don't want to cry but right now I'm scared that he might kill me or something.

I start to cry letting tears run down my face and I can't

wipe them because Jason has me pinned to the floor so I can't move my hands or legs.

Jason gets off me, finally and I can tell Jason's sorry for what he did but he and Luke kidnapped me, they probably where planing on doing this but I didn't understand why he got up. My eyes where still closed before Luke asked, "Are you ok?"

I didn't want my two kidnappers seeing me crying so darted up stairs and into my room closing my door, my face in my pillow trying to wipe the tears. I here a knock at the door and I hope it's Luke but its not I can tell by his voice, I don't wanna open it but I do it anyways, I sigh and wipe my tears opening the door then going back to my bed face flat.

"I'm sorry, but you slapped me and-" I stopped him from continuing what he was saying.

"So you pin me to the ground, scare the shit out of me and make me cry?" I raised my face from my pillow to look at him.

"Sorry, " he says looking down, I get up from my bed and punch his arm then block him from hitting me.

"I'm not gonna hit you, " he says, I put my hands down.

He puts his hands out wanting me to give him a hug but I turn my head and he gives me one anyways and a tight one he lets go of me and I start to laugh.

For some strange reason I kiss him on the cheek when Luke comes in looking mad. he growls then looks at Jason with a 'I'm gonna kill you', look and Jason giving him the same look they keep at it for about fifteen minutes but I get tired of it then slap Luke and it did the trick but It didn't help me.

He pinned me to the door and growled at me, his nails digging in my skin. It hurts alot and I start to cry Again and this time I don't try to hold it back I let it all out, Jason just watched us. Luke realizes what he did and stopped making me fall, me holding my arm he moves back giving me some space.

After about twenty minutes the pain stops and I get up Jason and Luke standing happy. I point my finger to the door motioning that they should leave. Jason leaves but Luke doesn't.

"I'm sorry I was just angry Jason and you were kissing, " he said feeling really bad but I don't understand why they were happy I wasn't dead I thought they wanted to kill me off.

"I wasn't kissing him, I gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Why do you care?" I asked not looking at him, he turns me around making both of us eye to eye.

"Because your mine, " he whispers before kissing me softly.

"Yours? I'm no ones, " I pull away turning away from him and sitting on the desk near my bed.

He follows me grabbing me yet again by the waist and whispering in my ear, "Don't hold your breathe, you'll be mine and don't think differently."

He then again kisses me but I didn't pull away I actually enjoy it. After about thirty minutes in our making out Luke pulls away "Forgive me now?"

He placed his lips back on mine and we continued him smiling on my lips, I don't know why but I feel sparks.

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