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Ashley's Pov

Saturday morning at the park with my little sister Veronica. I labeled her 'little' even if she is only a year younger than me but she acted like a child so most of the time I treated her like one. The first day of summer and I hope it'll be great unlike last summer.

I cringed inwardly, I can still imagine all of those fish in my pants to this day.

My sisters on the swings swinging like she's never swung before. I'm on the bench admiring what nature brings to this park. I'd say there's only about five people at the park, a little boy with his sister and there, I think babysitter? But she was to busy on her phone texting to notice the little boy stuffing sand into his mouth the girl crying at the top of the slide.

Two attractive guys on the bench near them. One has stunning piercing blue eyes that seems to memorize me and brunette hair and the other sported chocolate brown eyes and blonde hair, I find it weird and uncomfortable that one stares but I blow it off.

"Veronica, Were about to leave, " I yell at her, she ignores me and continues to swing, while humming a soft tune.

I would go over there and stop the swings but last time I did that I got hurt so ill let her slide. I look over to my right and see a hotdog stand and lucky me I had money for it.

"I'm getting a hotdog, want one?" I yelled, giving myself a mental pat on the back at getting her attention.

She hollard back, "No thanks."

She closed her eyes and continued swinging. I walk over to the stand to see that its closed. I start to walk back to my bench when I notice that the two guys that were sitting on the bench a few feet away have stood up and walked a similar direction as me.

I shook my head maybe there going somewhere else I thought. I sat on my bench watching my sister when suddenly I feel a presence behind me. I turned around to see the brunette looking at me, an unknown emotion flickering in his eyes.

So they did follow me, Stalkers.

"Hi, would you mind leaving me alone? Thanks, " I say sharply before turning around in hope that they'd leave me alone but before I could utter a word I was up in the air.

The guy with the brunette hair had picked me up and swung me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing and started to walk away. Instantly sparks ignite at his touch and my body craves him but I ignore the odd feelings.

What I did know was I didn't know these people and they were taking me to a locatio

n unknown. Also known as kidnapping me.

I pounded on his back harshly and thrashed in his hold but he wouldn't drop me, then I see my little sister on her phone calling who I think is the cops, but when she's done she continues swinging, Love you to sister and ill remember this if and when I escape.

I bite his shoulder and he drops me, I start to run; Where? I don't know but away from them, I suddenly see the brunette on my right and the blonde to me left and I just so happen to trip on a rock but I don't fall, I just stop running.

"Leave me alone, I know jujitsu, " I lied, hoping it'd scare them off. The blonde one rolls his eyes; The brunette gave me that look from before and my heart fluttered slightly.

I take a step back, they take one forward.

"Come on, " The blonde one growled impatiently.

I backed up hitting a wall knowing I can't back up anymore. This is it, I get kidnapped, raped then killed and thrown into a lake, The joy. The brunette grabs me and swings me over his shoulder again, Shivers go down my spine. I give up trying to escape. What? I'm lazy.

We reach there car and might I say its a nice one, probably stole it or something. I get in the car unwillingly and the two boys hop in to.

The blonde smirks at me moving closer so I move away. We reach a red light and I think I can jump out of the car and run but the possibility of me escaping without getting hurt is slim. The car continues driving and we make a turn and stop at a gas station, the brunette exits and its just me and the blonde. Oh yay-Sarcasam.

"So, what's your name?" he questions, genuinely curious.

"None of your business, " I mutter and look in the other direction he went to say something else but the brunette came in and gave the blonde a look.

We reach a house that's two times bigger than mine. I get distracted for a while before the slam of the door gets me right out of my daze, The blonde and brunette get out and the brunette holds the door out for me but I hold on to the front car seat and huff.

The blonde and brunette look at each other and smile evilly, thats never good. Then they both start to tickle me, the worse form of punishment, and I begin to squirm and giggle uncontrollably.

"Stop t-tickling me, " I wheeze out, breathless.

I swat there hands away and get out of the car. We approach the front door and entered the huge house, scratch that mansion.

I have sickening feeling about this.

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