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   Chapter 300 The Old Glory Days

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"James, you should use a little discipline around the younger ones. I mean, I'm not trying to blame you. I just want to give you a bit of friendly advice.

It was rude of Nic to force your daughter to leave with him. You could punch him to give him a lesson, I agree, but it wasn't necessary to injure him so badly.

I'm scared of what might come in return from Song family to you. You are different with me. Song family is no big deal for me but their revenge might bring disaster upon you and your family. Peter may get you into some serious trouble,"

Bernard said genteelly, looking at James' face.

Peter gave out a small chuckle and answered, "What are you talking about, old man? I don't agree with you. Nic clearly wanted to kill me and I had to fight back for myself. Don't blame James. It's my fault. Also, for your information, James isn't related to me."

James was stunned at Peter's words.

Old man?

Everyone was shocked at the term "Old man".

Peter was being really rude and impolite to Bernard.

George couldn't contain the anger and shouted at Peter, "Peter, check your tone. Don't talk rudely with my grandfather or I swear, I will shoot you!"

Peter smirked and mocked him in return, "Oh, is that a threat? It makes me laugh. Stop showing off your gun. It's nothing to me." He then looked at Bernard and said casually, "What's up? Are you mad at me? If I knew you were a person of this sort, maybe I wouldn't have saved your life. James, let's go."

Peter suggested hastily to prevent things from becoming heated up.

First, Peter offended Song family and then offended Ye family. But he didn't really care at this point.

Could he really own up to his arrogance?

Everyone around him was confused. They kept eyeing Peter in shock.

One of these people recognized Peter and found it very hard to believe that he appeared in this place.

George was still pissed and continued to yell at Peter, "You better start showing some respect to my grandfather!"

Within the span of a few seconds, Bernard got up from his chair, sped towards George and landed a tight slap across his face. Things were starting to get crazy.

"How could you say that? You know nothing about Peter. He is a doctor. He is proficient in healing. Everyone calls him the miracle-worker," said Bernard, looking reproachfully at him. He then turned and smiled at Peter, explaining, "I'm sorry, Doctor Wang. I didn't recognize you until just now.

You are right. Nic deserved what he

will try to visit you if I get the chance. Now I have to go. Hopefully, I'll see you again," Peter talked quickly, waiting to leave.

He smiled sadly, and turned around to walk away.

He didn't really want to go down the memory lane. All he now wanted was to live in the moment, like a common man.

"But you aren't a common man. You are my excellent boss. Come back! These soldiers need you. I need you!" she said, passionately

She took a step forward, grabbing Peter's hand. She acted like an extremely empathetic and amiable person, making things only difficult for Peter.

Peter's heart wrenched as he listened to her words. Part of him wanted to comfort her, but it was only logical to control that impulse.

He gritted his teeth, pulling away his hand from her grip. His lips moved silently, mouthing the word "sorry" and then he started to walk away quickly.

Behind him, the woman started crying wildly.

The old glory days played like a tape in her mind.

She thought of the long time of Peter's work. He had saved them, taking bullets for them. She had spent the hardest but happiest time of her life so far.

Peter's smiling face as he took those bullets flashed in her memory. His eyes were so trusting, which made an indelible impression on her.

She remembered him telling them he was the boss and it was his responsibility to protect them. His medical knowledge was what he gave as a reason to be the one who should be shot by the enemies.

But she liked to see the human in him, who was just like the rest of them. However good he was with his medical knowledge, he could do nothing if the bullet had hit his heart or his head.

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