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   Chapter 299 Wait For Me Here

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7166

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There were a dozen people sitting in the spacious hall of the Ye family ballroom. Bernard was among them.

Most of them were over sixty years old. Very few of them were younger.

Apart from James, all the members of the audience were prominent and influential people.

If James wasn't Peter's friend, he wouldn't have been able to join the gathering.

Today was Bernard's 60th birthday. Guests chattered gaily and set aside their business. They came here for fun, not for deal.


Suddenly, the door opened with a loud slam. George burst in, in a flurry.

Bernard's eyes darkened at the sight of his grandson.

Among all his grandchildren, George used to be the one he was most proud of. But now, he was a disappointment. His recklessness brought shame to Bernard.

"Grandpa, something happened. Someone beat up Nic Song right in our hall! Now, he is seriously injured!" he spat, oblivious to his grandfather's current unpleasant disposition.

Everyone in the room sat there, dumbfounded.

Nic was one of the prized successors of the very distinguished Song family. Who would dare to strike him in Bernard's birthday party?

'You must be kidding, ' thought they.

"Take it easy. Tell me what happened," Bernard said, maintaining his composure despite his distress.

As the backbone of the Ye family, Bernard knew how to handle himself. Diversity did not easily faze him.

"Well…" George explained everything quickly. He told the whole story truthfully and candidly.

James sat in the last row, carefully listening. When George finished, James' face turned pale.

He felt furious and appalled.

The fact that Nic attempted to kidnap his daughter in front of so many people pissed him off.

Still, he did not expect Peter to be so violent as to injure Nic so badly. If George's story was accurate, Nic was already incapacitated. His life was basically ruined.

How ruthless and mighty Peter was!

James was worried, but what concerned him more was the Song family's retaliation for Peter, not so much to himself.

The Song family was very powerful and influential. They were not good enemies to have as

a lesson. That's all. Nothing serious. Why do we need to run away? Moreover, I'm still hungry. Come on, Amaris. Relax. Cheers!"

Peter said as he put the wine glass closer to her plump, red lips. He was not worried at all. "Here, have some wine," he offered.

The people around them were dumbfounded. 'How could he still flirt at a time like this?

He is still more concerned about picking up girls than running for his life! What kind of person is this?' they thought.

Seeing this, George felt even more furious.

'Damn it! I was slapped because of you, and you stay here flirting and drinking. Bastard!' he thought.

However, he didn't dare let off his steam. He contained his anger and approached Peter immediately. "Peter, My grandpa wants to see you," he said.

"What?" Amaris shot.

She was very nervous.

'Why does Mr. Ye want to see Peter? Is he going to punish him?' she could not help thinking.

Even Garrett and Joyce were worried about Peter.

Bernard was a very influential figure. Even the capital's elites respected him. This was why most of them were in his party.

Audrey held Peter's arm nervously. She didn't want to see Peter punished because of her.

"Your grandpa wants to see me? Well then, take me to him," Peter said, smiling confidently. "Don't worry. I'll be back soon. Please wait for me here," Peter assured Audrey and Amaris.

George was mad at Peter, hearing this.

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