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   Chapter 298 The Birthday Party Was Cut Short

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Peter's foot went through the gap between the nunchakus, hitting Adams on the nose.


Adams was thrown ten feet back, finally landing right where Nic fell. He had a comminuted fracture of the nose.

Unlike Nic, though, Adams did not immediately fall unconscious.

"No. No. No. This is impossible! I cannot lose!" Adams shouted ignoring his broken nose. He did not want to admit that Peter was better than him.

He was a prominent martial artist, but Peter was a nobody. He could not be better than him.

Failure was only acceptable if they had a good fight. As of now, though, it was not yet acceptable. This would be a very shameful defeat.

"No. I will not concede! Be ready for round two!" Adams yelled as he picked himself up and started to move towards Peter again.

Everyone, including Peter, could not comprehend Adams' behavior.

'Oh, God. Is he crazy? He is throwing his life away, ' the people thought.

"Okay. I'm happy to oblige!" Peter said and smiled. He caught Adams' weapon with his left hand and slapped Adams' face with his right hand.

PAK! The left side of Adam's face turned red from the impact.

PAK! Now, the right side of his face was red.

Adams stared at Peter, utterly bewildered. His teeth were knocked out of his mouth.

"Give it up, Adams! You will never beat me," Peter voiced.

"No! I will never give up!" Adams answered as he struggled to stand up again. It was clear that he was trying very hard not to pass out.

His nunchucks were not able to help him very much in avoiding Peter's attacks. He wanted to fight back but he couldn't. There was nothing he could do.

Adams' anger got the best of him. This made him easier to be defeated than the previous rounds.

Peter shrugged his shoulders and slapped Adams again.


He landed one hit after another. Then, with a heavy punch, Adams was sent straight to the floor and he finally passed out.

The house grew quiet.

All looked at Peter with bewildered admiration.

'Amazing! How did this man defeat three people, including two martial artists, in such a short time?' they thought.

This was Bernard's birthday party. They wondered how Bernard would react if he found out what happened here.

ble to find enough proof. This will turn into a cold case.

I'm not afraid of Nic and I am not afraid of you. Trust me, you do not want to challenge me," Peter said.

George stood stunned, not knowing what surprise was waiting for him.

George understood what Peter meant and chills ran down his spine.

"I will let you go because of Bernard. Remember, if you want to shoot me next time, you must shoot as quickly as you can. If you can't do this, you will lose again," Peter added in a cheerful tone.

He then let George go and walked towards the sofa.

Peter moved away. George glared after him. He wanted to shoot Peter but he eventually put the gun down, instead.

Peter mentioned Bernard, which showed that Peter knew his grandfather. He realized that he must inform his grandfather about this incident.

Nic got injured during a gathering in Ye family. He would not be able to hide this kind of thing from Song family. This was a very sensitive issue. If not dealt with properly, it might sever the relationship between the two families, permanently.

Peter sat beside Garrett with a smile. He poured a glass of wine and whispered, "Uh, I said too many things. I'm thirsty."

People around Peter were puzzled by his behavior.

Garrett was confused too.

'Seriously? What is he doing here? He should leave before Bernard finds out, shouldn't he?

He ruined Bernard's birthday party. If Bernard finds out what happened, Peter might not survive anymore, ' they thought.

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