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   Chapter 297 Strike A Vicious Blow

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"Oh, no, he's going to strike a vicious blow!" Garratt and Joyce could smell danger, so could Nic.

He suddenly regretted what he did, realizing how reckless it was. He had no idea why Peter had been so hard on him, but he knew the vicious look on Peter's face. There was no mistaking it.

Still, it was too late for him to stop now. The only way out if there was one was to fight through.

"Stop!" Adams rushed towards Peter. He ran so fast that they barely saw his shadow.

Adams was a very perceptive martial artist and he only sharpened his skills through the years. He realized that Nic was no match for Peter the moment he saw Peter move.

He was a formidable fighter. Nic would end up dead or injured if he went against him.

"Fuck off!" Peter started to laugh when he saw Adams coming.

He provoked Nic because he wanted him to start the fight so he would not get in trouble if he fought back. Now that his chance was about to come, he was not about to let Adams ruin it.

Peter ignored Adams. Instead, he moved towards Nic at a faster pace.


A loud sound echoed when their fists collided.

Nic's right arm was severely broken.

Still, Peter did not plan to stop. He wanted to disable Nic and destroying his right arm was not enough. Forcibly, Peter delivered a huge, solid kick. Then, Nic started to cry.

Peter stepped on Nic's chest. His breast bone broke into pieces. Then, Peter kicked him, throwing him back to land ten yards afar. Nic sunk helplessly on the floor as he spit blood, teeth, and saliva.

Right after that epic blow, Peter immediately turned to Adams.

Adams was stronger than Nic.

Although Peter felt somewhat confident that he was not a serious threat, he still decided not to underestimate him.

Peter immediately clenched his fists and turned to fight Adams next, head-on.


Another awful rumbling ensued and Peter was thrown a dozen steps back.


here to avenge your brothers. I'll be honest with you, it was me who disabled them too. Now that you're here, why not accompany them in the hospital?"

Peter said dismissively. It was now his turn to charge at Adams.

He was not going to show mercy.

Plus, Adams was only a servant. How dare he challenge him in front of citizens from H Country?

Adams was so pissed, he felt as if he wanted to breathe out blood. Murder was in his bloodshot eyes.

Hatred welled up inside him as he recalled everything Peter did to him and his friends. He was determined to kill him, once and for all.

He grabbed yard-long nunchakus out of nowhere and struck straight at Peter.

Nunchakus were Adams' weapon of choice and he handled them well, hitting Peter's sensitive body parts. He was mad and precise. The guests froze in awe.

To Peter, though, this was child's play. Adams was not a threat.

He was only thrown a little bit backward a moment ago because he was not using his full strength since he also had to deal with Nic.

Now that Adams had his full attention, Peter was sure that this would be a quick fight.

Peter twisted his body dodging Adams' attack. Then, he swept his right leg towards Adams.

Now, everyone looked grim, holding their breaths subconsciously.

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