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   Chapter 296 Are You Blind

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7099

Updated: 2019-05-17 00:13

A winding sound reverberated across the vast hall. At that instant, all the guests present turned their heads towards their way, all eyes on them.

Nic and George looked sullen among the crowd.

They thought it would be a breeze to apprehend Audrey, but they never expected that someone was going to try and stop them.

"You're stupid to show up and risk your life like this!" Hansen was the first to react. He clenched his teeth and lashed out in a deadly attack on Peter.

He knew he had to be quick and take Audrey away immediately, or things could get really difficult if everything got more complicated.

The most important thing was that he was unable to control his rage from George's tirades against him, and he was planning to vent out his anger.

With no hesitation, Hansen swung his fist at Peter's head. If the hit connected, Peter would die instantly, or at least become a vegetable.

"Are you even hearing yourself? I am curious though, if you are capable to take my life,"

Peter responded angrily by grabbing Hansen's arm mid-swing and twisted it to an unnatural angle.

He didn't get to scream in pain as Peter swiftly unleashed lightning fast fist to his face.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

The sound of bone meeting skin echoed throughout the hall. A kick to the midsection finished off Peter's fatal combo on Hansen.



He landed squarely on some abandoned tables and broke one in half. He lay on the floor groaning, his face bleeding and teeth knocked out.

All fell silent.

Those who were able to witness the spectacle were stunned to silence. They never knew that Peter was fierce and skilled that he beat Hansen in such a violent way.

Nic's two men stepped forward to fight Peter, but stopped as soon as they saw Hansen. They realized that they drew the short end of the stick.

'Thank God that we're not as skilled and famous as Hansen, or he won't be the only one lying on the floor beaten senseless.'

Their scalps tingled and chills went down their spines as they saw the bloody Hansen.

"How dare you!" Adams flew into a rage when he saw his fel

with you? Aside from being blind, are you deaf as well? I literally just told you this has nothing to do with them, right?"

Nic couldn't bear the disrespect any longer, his head turned towards Peter and he screamed out, "Who the fuck are you?"

"What the hell does it matter to you, huh? What, you wanna punch me? I would never have told you my name. You can't do shit," Peter replied smugly.

"You want to die, boy?" Nic was furious; he was breathing much faster now.

He felt rising within him a rage he had not felt for a long time. Every word and gesture Peter made only added fuel to his fire.

Nic yelled out a warcry and swung at Peter's head.

Peter was startled by the sudden hook. He didn't expect Nic to be skilled at fighting; he was much better than Hansen at least.

But Peter didn't care; he knew Nic wasn't as strong as he made out to be.

"Everybody, look at him. This is going way too far. First, he tried to kidnap a girl in broad daylight. Now, he was shamed in front of everyone and he tried to cheap shot me. Pay attention, ladies and gents. This is self-defense!"

Peter laughed grimly as his eyes ignited with ferocity. He charged at Nic the next second.

Everybody observing was shocked to their core, including Garrett and Joyce.

Peter had successfully provoked him into making the first move. That was Nic's first mistake, as they all felt Peter's murderous aura.

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