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   Chapter 295 Nic Song

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"Weren't you wild enough to mercilessly beat my brother up and knock the guards of the Ye family down? Why don't you try throwing me one more of those kicks of yours?

Where is the brilliant Mr. Liu now? Didn't people say that you were invincible? Prove it to me then! Show me! What? Or are you that scared to even try one more move on me?"

George shouted, repeatedly poking Hansen's head with the barrel of his gun over and over again.

Desperately trying to hold himself back, gritting his teeth, and furiously clenching his fists, Hansen did not attempt to make a move.

There was just no way for him to quickly knock George down before he could pull the trigger on him.

"Easy, there, Mr. Ye. Please allow me to introduce ourselves first. This is Hansen Liu, a junior subordinate of Adams Liu. We are with Nic Song."

In this case, the other two could not utter a single word and chose to keep quiet; they didn't even dare to breathe. But one of them somehow found the guts and was able to summon up the courage to speak to George.

This might be the best time to clear things up and explain where they came from. He was too afraid of George going rampant and killing all of them.

"Adams Liu? Nic Song?" George whispered to himself, brows furrowed. He put his gun away and asked them, "You are with Nic Song? Was that the reason you went so wild and beat my brother up?"

Despite seeming to be still so upset because of what had happened, the tone of his voice had somewhat calmed down, even if just by a little. Understandably, he was wary of Nic and Adams. If what they were saying was true, he wouldn't so foolish as to go against those two.

"Calm yourself down, George. This one is on me. I wasn't able to discipline my men well. I apologize for the trouble they may have caused you,"

said a hearty voice. An elegant gentleman with a stern look walked in, followed by a slim average-looking man, with an aquiline nose and a rather bald head.

Garrett was a bit shaken up upon seeing these two people, and his deadpan look changed a bit. "These two are Nic Song and Adams Liu," he told Peter.

Still not uttering a single word, Peter simply nodded.

He was a little curious of what their plans were, but who would've thought they'd have the audacity to try to drag Audrey away during Bernard's birthday party.

In that room were prominent members of the Ye family and the Song family, and then there was Adams Liu, a martial artist from D Country.

The look on George's face changed when he saw Nic and Adams, but he didn't say anything.

He was aware that he clearly shouldn't mess with them, but he knew the name of the Ye family would be in such disgrace for a long time if he just let it go that easily.

Nic came in front of Hansen and two of his men,

ve! Make haste! Catch her now!"

"Yes, boss!"

replied Hansen and his men. They then ran toward Peter immediately.

Audrey became pale-faced as she watched this.

She didn't expect that such a thing could happen. But it happened, and it happened in broad daylight, in the Ye family, right in front of everyone, for all of them to watch. This was ridiculous!

Frowning in silence, Garrett watched as all of this was happening. But it didn't seem like he'd be trying to stop them.

It was none of his business after all. He didn't have a reason to offend them just for the sake of Audrey.

But Peter, on the other hand, couldn't simply stay out of the affair like Garrett as all of this was taking place.

Among other things, he couldn't bear to watch them take Audrey away in front of him, knowing this was his fault all along.

Peter said to himself, 'What an unbridled family! How dare they arrest a person right here?'

What surprised him the most, though, was how George could easily allow Nic to take Audrey away. It wasn't really clear for Peter what on earth made George the third excellent successor of the Ye family.

That thing that he just did had only brought shame to the Ye family, and nothing else. 'If this is how all of the members of the Ye family would act, they would not qualify as the most famous and powerful family in Golden City, let alone in the country, '

Peter thought. He saw Hansen and his men sprint towards Audrey, with one of Hansen's hands trying to grab a hold of her.

"Haha," Peter laughed as if to ridicule the appalling sight before him. "What an aggressive lackey! Let us find out if there's still a law in this world. I want to see who has the guts to take her away in front of me!"

Peter sprung forward, striking Hansen's hand away, his voice soon echoing all throughout the whole banquet hall.

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