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   Chapter 294 No One Can Help You

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 9675

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The three men's boss was clearly one of the city's well known elite.

His fellows were arrogant and aggressive as well.

All this left Peter astounded.

With a shocked face, Peter listened to their words.

He never imagined that Bryan would collapse in such a short time. 'Should I help him?' he asked himself.

He was very eager to know who was behind these men.

"Oh, Peter, nice to see you here!" Garrett said as he walked towards Peter. He wasn't alone and had a beautiful woman beside him.

"Wow, Garrett, nice to see you too!" Peter smiled and shook hands with Garrett.

Garrett was an object of fascination to every human being who resided in this city.

Peter had no issues with him since he held no hostile sentiments towards Peter. His attitude was completely different from that of Evan, Robin, Darren and Morgan.

"Hi, Peter, I hope I am not interrupting something important, am I? It's been a while since I have been thinking about visiting you. You always seem to be too busy. So I never get a chance!" Garrett said with a frown.

He then sat beside Peter and a smile made its way to his face. Something was different about Garrett. He was so friendly and easy going. Peter felt a little uncomfortable talking to him.

"Oh, well, I'm, uh, I'm flattered. I'm just in charge of a team of security guards. Compared to you, my influence is nothing. And wow! Is this your girlfriend? I have to say that she is very pretty," Peter said as he analyzed the gorgeous woman who stood next to Garrett.

After this, Peter was lost in his thoughts. He wanted to roll his eyes at Garrett's words. 'You wanted to visit me? You have to be kidding. If I didn't defeat Robin, you wouldn't have given me a second thought, ' he thought.

"Peter, don't misunderstand the situation. This is Joyce and she is a socialite of Dai family. She is not my girlfriend. If she was, then I would be dancing with glee," Garrett explained with a smile.

"I'm not so fortunate like you. You once have a beautiful girlfriend, Amelia," Garrett added with a smirk.

Quickly, he stopped and cleared his throat. In an apologetic tone, he spoke to Amaris. "Um, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said it. I hope you won't mind it!" There was a touch of anger in Garrett's voice.

Peter understood that Garrett was accusing him of hurting Amelia.

Garrett was Amelia's close friend. In his eyes, what Peter did would break Amelia's heart. He cared a great deal about Amelia and couldn't help throwing Peter an accusatory glance.

"Oh, Garrett, you know me. We're both men. It's perfectly normal for men to have many girls," Peter said in a dramatic way.

Peter's words made Garrett temporarily speechless.

'Is he the same Peter I know? I assumed he was a brave and cold man when he defeated Robin so powerfully, ' Garrett thought.

Amaris tried her best to not to roll her eyes when she h

t down.

Garrett seemed relaxed as well. A look of great interest crossed his face at the sight of Peter and Audrey. He realized they were curious so he said, "The man with the gun is George Ye. He is the third generation member of Ye family. He works for the military. At the moment, he is a high-ranked officer. He may look like a bad tempered man but actually he is a sweet man." Garrett finished his little speech and took a pause.

After the pause, he continued, "Out of these three men, one of them is called Hansen Liu. He is a martial arts master from D Country. He is excellent now but we believe he has the potential to do even better. I think he will reach his peak in the future.

His martial brothers were punched in Golden City University several days ago. That's the reason why he came here from D Country. He came here to take revenge for what his martial brothers had to go through. The leader of their martial arts team is called Adams Liu.

Adams Liu is more brilliant than Hansen Liu. His ability has reached some great level.

The other people beside Hansen Liu are all from Song family. Their boss is Nic Song. Nic Song ranks third in Song family. He enjoys a higher status than Robin.

The fact is that he was brought up in D Country and due to this he is not very well known in this city. Nic Song and Adams Liu are friends. That's why their fellows came here together." Now Garrett took another pause to see whether Peter was listening to his words.

He had given them some really important details about the background of Nic Song, Hansen Liu and Adams Liu.

Peter looked stunned when he heard Garrett's introduction. After Garrett's explanation, guilt started to consume Peter.

He realized that Audrey was in trouble because of him. He was the man who had punched their martial brothers in Golden City University. 'I just dragged Audrey into this mess!' he thought with disappointment.

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