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   Chapter 291 Bernard's Birthday Party

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8470

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"What are you doing? How dare you touch me!" The woman screamed, seeing the patients charging at her.

But her scream was soon drowned up in the uproar. The crowd lifted her up and flung her out of the room.

As she was being lifted up, she felt several hands maliciously grab and scratch her body. While for the most part, she felt mortified, a small part of her also felt quite aroused.

Takeda Jiro and the two bodyguards were likewise thrown out by the patients.

The two guards fell heavily on the floor. Takeda Jiro fared even worse. His wheelchair was kicked aside, and his leg, which had just been plastered, was broken again.

The old doctor who accompanied Takeda Jiro tried to dissuade the crazy patients but eventually gave up.

In such a circumstance, it was suicide to go against the crowd.

"Aghhhhh! Oouuuuch!!!"

Now, the woman and all three men were wailing in pain like injured stray dogs.

The woman was disheveled. Much of her fair skin, now filled with red scratches, was exposed.

Takeda Jiro and the bodyguards had several footprints on their clothes and were slapped many times across the faces. They were very miserable.

"You bastard! I'll kill you!" Takeda Jiro yelled angrily, but this only brought in another set of punches and kicks.

Seeing this, Angelou's and her mother's anger quelled.

Angelou looked at Peter's craggy face through the crack of the door and could not help being mesmerized.

She quickly reminded herself that she was not worthy of Peter's love.

Peter didn't see Angelou and her mother, nor did he see Angelou's red and swollen face. If he did, he would have beaten up those people himself.

Now that the four had been driven away, Peter regained his calm demeanor and continued on to cure his patients.

The woman got up and recollected herself, fixing what she could. Then, she grabbed her phone and proceeded to call.

She wanted to teach Peter a lesson for being so arrogant. She wanted to make him feel so bad about what he did. She was sure that he would beg her to allow him to cure her later.

Peter, whose shift would have ended in half an hour, worked for an hour instead because he was in a good mood.

An hour later, he stretched in satisfaction as he announced that he would be resuming treatments some other time.

Many patients who were still waiting were reluctant to leave, but Peter assured them that it would be best if they come back some other time.

The work tired Peter indeed. Just as he was about to leave, eager to res

Instead, she was a demure and composed goddess.

The Ye family's manor was seated halfway up the mountainside in the north of Golden City. With the mountain against it as a background, the building looked magnificent.

Even Peter was very surprised by the Ye family's manor.

Peter saw many manors before, but it was the first time for him to see one with such magnificence and splendor.

Several cars were parked in front of the gate when the three arrived.

The parked cars were not very expensive. They looked very common. It was only when one looked at their plate numbers would it give off its real extravagance.

66666, 77777, 88888, 99999, 00001, 00002 and others. There were also military plate numbers. This was more common, at least in the manor.

License plates with numbers such as 6789 or 1234 indicated that their owners were very distinguished individuals.

Even James, despite his very high status in of Golden City, had no idea of getting such exclusive license plates.

Now, the three people arrived at the gate of the manor. The servants in the Ye family's household were very efficient. They politely let them in after James told them his name, unlike other household staff who would behave arrogantly in front of such distinguished guests.

Soon, another servant received them and led them to the party hall.

Upon entering the hall, James asked for a glass of wine. Then, with excitement, he started to mingle and expand his network. This was actually his main motive for going to the event. He wanted to expand his social circle. This was also an opportunity to practice his social skills.

Both Peter and Audrey sat relaxed in a quiet corner.

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