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   Chapter 290 Drive Them Out

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"Where is the highly skilled doctor? Call him now and ask him to come over to treat Mr. Takeda. Hurry! Money is not an issue. As long as Mr. Takeda's leg can be healed, we will pay whatever amount he asks for,"

the woman said quickly when she heard Angelou's words.

Frowning involuntarily, Angelou decided not to call Peter.

He had helped her enough. She also did not want to get herself in trouble. Apart from that, the woman's strong personality intimidated her.

"What are you doing? Call him, now!" she yelled. Seeing Angelou's blank expression, the woman took a bundle of cash from her purse and threw it to the ground.

"Don't you want money? Here, call the doctor and take the money!" she shouted.

"Mom, let's go," Angelou said angrily, turning away with her mother. She did not even glance at the pile of cash scattered on the ground.

'This woman is insulting me! She is treating me as if money were more important than my self-respect. Hell, no.'

If she did not owe so much to Peter for his help, Angelou would have called him straight away, especially with the generous offer in exchange for it. But because she cared for Peter as well, she thought twice on hassling him once again.

Seeing that Angelou ignored her, the woman felt indignant. She walked towards Angelou, grabbed her arm and slapped her across her face.

"Stop! Did I tell you to leave? Call the doctor at once. Or else, you'll be sorry," the woman said in arrogance.

Angelou's fair face quickly turned red with anger. Despite the stinging sensation on her cheek, she did not give away any emotion.

Her mother was the one who spoke. "How dare you! Why would you slap my daughter for no good reason?" she said.

"Why did I slap your daughter? Why are you meddling? Because I want to!" the woman replied as she rushed towards Angelou to hit her more.

"I will make you suffer!" she yelled. Unable to stand what the woman was doing to her daughter, Angelou's mom rushed at the woman.

She, however, was no match for the woman. Angelou's mother was sent flying across the room.

The old doctor in the room wanted to do something but he was at a loss on what to do.

"The doctor is really skilled. He cured me of the disease I've had for years!"

"I was lucky enough to meet Doctor Wang today. He helped me with my fracture. I must call Betsey and tell her to come over as soon as possible. She really shouldn't miss this!"

The woman could not help looking at the passers-by as she heard their happy remarks.



She was a person of high status. It was a shame for her to get in line. Moreover, there were so many people queued. It was highly unlikely for her to make it in half an hour. It was more likely that she would have to wait for ten hours!

"What's the matter? Do you think you have privileges?" Peter asked. Then, after looking at the clock, he said, "It's only 29 minutes left now."

"Damn it!"

the woman cursed angrily, hitting the desk with her fist. In a rage, she mumbled something to her two bodyguards and then pointed her finger at Peter. The two men rushed at Peter very quickly.

Obviously, they were about to be violent.

At first, the patients in front of Peter were stunned. Regaining composure, they did not even flinch.

Most of them had seen how powerful Peter was. They were confident that the two bodyguards were no match for him.

As expected, the two bodyguards charging at Peter were soon thrown backward and fell onto the floor even before they could react.

If the patients were not able to dodge, they would have been hit by the guards!

'These guys have no shame!' Peter thought coldly. "Listen up, everybody. If you want me to be able to cure you, please help me get rid of these guys.

Patients who beat them up will be given priority. I will treat you without the one-hour restriction," Peter said.

When the woman rushed in triumphantly with her bodyguards, the patients at the end of the queue watched helplessly in the background.

Now, with Peter's offer, they all charged at the woman and her two bodyguards without hesitation.

Those patients at the back of the line became more excited.

The department was in a mess.

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