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   Chapter 289 An Awkward Farewell

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Blake refused to say anything. His cold eyes had been reduced to tiny, piercing slits.

He waited for Peter's reaction.

"What? I thought you said your bones were still broken. Are you sure about that?" Peter asked, frowning at Rowdy and the others.

"Yes, we're sure," the three people said in unison. Although they were afraid of Peter, they tried their best to stay calm.

"I see. Okay then," Peter nodded. Peter then ran in front of the three men and lunged, foot aiming for Rowdy's head.

Rowdy couldn't keep his calm upon seeing Peter run to him.

He yelped and scurried like a rat and then hid to the corner.

The other two panicked and fled, taking advantage of the situation.

What happened?

Blake and the doctors from H Country couldn't believe what had happened.

How could Peter let that happen? Why?

How was it possible for these people's bones to be broken so quickly, only to be reset and fixed just as fast?

Peter laughed and ignored them. He gazed at Blake and asked, "You said that their broken bones have failed to reset. But now, I have a question for you. How could they run so fast? I'd be interested to know what you're thinking, Blake."

Blake was speechless. He felt incredibly humiliated and ashamed of what happened.

There was a saying that actions spoke louder than words. His mind was racing a thousand miles a minute, just to think of his next move, but Blake couldn't find it in himself to do anything.

He absolutely loathed Peter. Peter was better at everything that Blake thought he was already skilled at. Peter was better than him at martial arts, at medicine practice, and even at fooling the enemy. Blake didn't want to admit how envious he was of Peter, but there was no other choice.

He groaned aloud, "Fine! Fine! I accept my defeat. Rowdy, let's leave this place at once!" Blake was desperate to leave the area at once.

Rowdy and other two people nodded and followed after him. However, Peter stepped in their way and prevented them from leaving. Blake started sweating from nervousness.

"What the fuck do you want?" Rowdy demanded, fists clenched by his sides.

"You're leaving? Already? Come on! We are just getting started. Don't be nervous. Take it easy, buddy," Peter smirked, eyes glinting in a horrifying

her women in front of her.

Takeda Jiro looked stunned and quickly explained, "I-I think you misunderstand. D-Don't be upset!"

The man pleaded to the woman as they started to speak in their language. The doctor couldn't understand their conversation.

A few moments later, the woman eyed the two women with intense excitement and asked the doctor, "Do you know that woman? Her leg was injured and broken a few days ago. But now she is walking like a healthy person! How could this have happened? Let's go and ask her."

'What?' the doctor thought.

He looked stunned upon hearing those words. He then looked at the elderly woman more carefully.

He did remember her.

They hurried to the two women.

"Hello, doctor. It's nice to meet you," Angelou started as she greeted the doctor. She was a little nervous around new people.

"I'm well aware that your mother's leg used to be broken. How was she able to recover so quickly and so well?" the woman asked, her tone seeming a little too strained for the two women's liking.

It wasn't polite to question Angelou that way.

Angelou hated this woman's mannerism, but still controlled her temper and answered courteously.

"Yes, you are right. My mother's leg was broken. She was hurt badly. Doctors said they'd have to cut it off to save my mother's life. But fortunately, we meet" She hesitated, thinking that she didn't want to give Peter any more trouble.

She then continued, "A high-skilled doctor. He treated my mother and cured her leg."

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