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   Chapter 288 Set A Broken Bone in Two Minutes

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7117

Updated: 2019-05-13 00:13

Crack, crack!

The man who threatened to break Peter's ribs now had his own broken and his arm twisted.

His companion, now with swollen black and blue eyes, was thrown far back after spitting blood and teeth because of Peter's heavy kick.

The room grew very quiet.

They did not expect Peter to beat them too easily.

Even Blake felt uneasy.

He only felt brave because he had these guys behind him. Now that they were beaten, he had nothing to show for himself.

"I told you not to test me. Now, look at yourselves. You have brought this upon yourself. Know your place,"

Peter said with scorn clasping his hands together.

"You son of a bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are? How dare you treat us like this! I swear, we will end you. We have troops from our military all around Golden City! I will call them right now!"

the guard with a black eye yelled at Peter, his eyes wide open.

"Really, now? Are you sure? Are you talking about the guys at Golden City University?" Peter said.

"If so, I think you can save the call. I just came from the University and the guys you're talking about are probably on their way to the hospital right now," he continued.

"What?!" shot the guard. His mouth fell open with surprise. Unable to believe what he was hearing, he dialed in his contact and awaited him to answer his phone.

Soon, he realized that Peter was telling the truth.

He stared at Peter, stunned.

Their military troops were the best fighters in D Country. How could a simple man like Peter defeat all of them?

Blake wisely stepped in. He knew something was wrong. "Stop! Everyone! We are not here to fight. We are here to talk about medical skills. I asked for your best doctor. If you can't provide me with that, then I stand by my point that D Country has far better medical services than H Country," he declared.

"Medicine? This is child's play, bastard," Peter said.

"I honestly would hate to put myself down to your level but you are seriously getting on my nerves. So, fine. I'll compete and try to give you a little fighting chance, you amateur," he continued with d

if you lose, okay. Remember, you need to go out of this hospital and declare that you were stealing our medical skills and that H Country's medical services are better than D Country's. You have to say that three times," Peter reminded.

"No problem,"

Blake said. Despite his anger, he agreed like a gentleman.

Besides, it would be impossible for Peter to win, he thought.

Without another word, Peter walked towards the injured men and started to do acupuncture.

He inserted the needles so fast, he barely had to check if he pricked the right spot. He just seemed to know everything he was doing, by heart. In less than two minutes, he was done.

"They're fine now," Peter said.

Again, Blake restrained himself from hitting Peter. He knew that he was no match for his fighting skills.

'Are you fucking kidding me? You fixed broken bones in less than two minutes?' he thought.

Even the doctors of H Country could not believe their eyes.

'It doesn't make sense, ' Blake thought.

"What, you can't believe it?" Peter said, frowning.

Ignoring Peter, Blake went straight to Rowdy and asked, "Have your bones been set?"

"No, not yet,"

he said along with his companions despite the fact that they could not believe how quickly Peter treated them.

They were cured and they felt no pain anymore. Still, they refused to admit it. There was no way to prove otherwise without an x-ray.

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