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   Chapter 287 You Are Too Weak For Me

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5979

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The traditional medicine of H Country came from D Country?

D Country's medical services were better than H Country's?

All of them were quack doctors?

The people from D Country said that the medicine of H Country was trash?

The hands of the doctors of Golden City balled into fists as they turned red with fury.

Sure, they were not the best doctors, but that did not mean they were fakes. The insults from the people of D Country made them very uncomfortable.

A medical student from H Country could not help but yell, "You fakers! Bastards! Shame on you and your unethical ways!" He was very angry.


Suddenly, a sound of skin against skin echoed through the room. Someone from D Country slapped the student across his face.

The young man smashed into the wall and then sprawled on the floor.

"Watch your words! They can get you into trouble! Don't insult me or you will regret it," the person from D Country said.

The doctors of Golden City felt angry about what the person did, but there was nothing they could do about it. They were too weak for these people.

Another doctor from D Country held the person by his shoulder. "Rowdy, don't be so violent. We are doctors. The only real fight is with our medical prowess. Do you understand?" he said.

"I understand, Blake," Rowdy Bu replied as he walked behind Blake An.

Blake An nodded and started again, "Do you think we are bragging? Hahahahah! That's funny. Okay, I will give you a chance to prove yourself. If you can find a doctor whose medical knowledge is better than me, we will leave immediately. Does that sound good?

If you think your country's medicine is better, just find a doctor to prove it. That should be easy, right?"

Blake An was a famous doctor in D Country. It was said t

hand, were silent with embarrassment. They did not expect Peter to beat Rowdy Bu so easily.

"How dare you!" Blake An's bodyguards shouted at Peter.

Then, they rushed at him.

One of them raised his leg to kick Peter's face. The other used his fist to punch Peter's chest.

"We will smash your ribs into tiny little pieces and punch that silly grin off your face!" the two bodyguards threatened.

The patients and doctors from H Country screamed and hid.

They didn't want to see what would happen next. They were very worried about Peter.

It was a very small space. Surely, Peter would not be able to fight two against one. He would just have to suffer and receive all their punches.

Even Herman, who stood outside the room, started to worry.

He knew Peter was good at martial arts but the disadvantage he had was too huge. A feeling of despair came over him as Peter received the attacks of the two bodyguards.

Peter did not budge. Instead, he sneered and seized the foot of one of the bodyguards and pulled him down to the floor.

He then caught the other bodyguard's fist with his left hand and used his other hand to punch the guard's ribs as hard as he could.

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