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   Chapter 286 You've Got A Great Boyfriend

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8196

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"Peter, you can just give me a call if you want to arrange a ward for your friend. You don't need to come here personally."

Gasping for breath, Herman trotted to the door of the ward. He looked at Peter and while his eyes narrowed, he held a wide grin.

Peter felt very uncomfortable upon seeing Herman's weird look. 'This old guy looks so strange. What is he planning?' he thought.

"Who is speaking so loud? Er..." The nurse heard Herman speak, but just as she was about to sneer at him, she suddenly froze at the sight of Herman.

'Director Wang? How could it be possible?'

She looked at the man carefully with wide eyes. She was sure that he was Director Wang.

Stricken with fear, she paled immediately.

Of course, Peter was in no mood to argue with the nurse. He looked at Herman and said, "Director Wang, this is my friend. Please arrange an intensive care unit for her. Please get it done as soon as possible."

"Yes. No problem," Herman remarked without hesitating, and immediately moved to do what Peter asked of him.

With Herman's help, the errand was done quickly and easily. It wasn't long before a group of doctors rushed over and transferred Angelou's mother to the intensive care unit.

The patients in the ward were all bewildered upon seeing this.

'Who is this guy? He must be an awesome person! He doesn't look like a braggart. He's really great!'

Thinking this, they couldn't help but look at the nurse who sneered at Peter before.

The nurse suddenly turned away from embarrassment, face contorting in frustration.

She felt incredibly humiliated.

As soon as they came into the intensive care unit, Peter started to treat Angelou's mother with the best care he could possibly provide. Although she was badly hurt with several bone fractures, her legs weren't smashed.

For Peter, treating this kind of bone fracture was just a piece of cake. With perfect skills, he set the fractures in just about an hour. After ensuring that Angelou's mother was stable, he left.

At this moment, Angelou's mother was so excited that she almost cried. She couldn't help but tell Angelou, "My darling daughter, you sure got yourself a great boyfriend! He's not that sociable, though. He just left without even saying a single word!

I don't mind that, however. As long as he's nice to you and he's capable, I will approve of him as your boyfriend. I think he's a good boy, so you should cherish his love for yo

l medicine wasn't large. There was only one cramped office and there were usually very few patients there.

But today, the small department was crowded with people.

There were two desks inside. Two old men were tending to their patients, none of them seeming to be younger than 50.

The patients on the left side of the room had already formed a long queue—a stark contrast to the few lined up on the right.

Peter also noticed that the doctors on the left had been sneering at the doctors on the right.

The doctors on the right were furious. Their faces were flushed red with anger; some of the young male doctors even clenched their fists.

Although they were very angry, they were helpless. After all, their medical skills were no match for their opponents.

At this time, the doctor sitting by the desk on the left had just cured another patient. Then he gave a glance at the doctors on the right with disdain.

"You stole your medicine from us. You're humiliating yourselves by receiving patients here in your department. This is simply an insult to our own medical skills!

You better not be asking for an insult, dear men. In my opinion, you should just own up to your crimes. We know your medicine was just stolen from us. You should close this department immediately because you really are just embarrassing yourselves by being here in the first place. Who knows if your knock-off medicine could actually work? What do you think of that?"

With a sharp tongue, the doctor of D Country sneered at his opponents with arrogance. He was going to make sure to make their lives a living hell while he was here.

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