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   Chapter 285 I Am Laughing At Your Ignorance

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7771

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Peter decided to spare him because of Angelou's request.

He immediately took Angelou away from the club after he warned Roy never to bother her anymore and after making him transfer three hundred thousand dollars to her account to compensate for all the damage he has caused.

Roy and his cousin, Allen, sighed in relief when Peter left.

"Peter, thank you so much. I really don't know what I could have done without you," Angelou told Peter gratefully.

"It's nothing. It's partly my fault, anyway. Let's go see your mom. Which hospital is she in, by the way?" Peter said.

"Oh, yes. She's in the First People's Hospital," Angelou replied.

Peter and Angelou arrived an hour later.

Peter found himself a little speechless when he saw the huge signage across the building. 'I feel like I have been to this place a little too often. What's wrong with me?' he thought.

Memories inside this building were not exactly pleasant ones either, but he had no choice. He had to come in because Angelou's mother broke her leg and was inside. He was determined to help heal her leg if the doctors could not.

According to an old Chinese saying, one must help others for as much as they can and let Buddha take care of the rest. This was something important to Peter. The fact that he was somehow involved meant that he was fully responsible.

As it was no longer Peter's first time in the hospital, he knew his way very well to the inpatient department.

It didn't take much time for them to find where Angelou's mother was.

"Mom!" Angelou cried, unable to hold back the tears when she saw her. She then walked towards her hurriedly.

"Angelou," said her mother. She was also very happy to see her daughter.

"Mom, I'm so sorry I involved you in this trouble. I am such a terrible daughter. But don't worry. I have money. I will have you cured no matter what it takes," Angelou promised as she cried bitterly. Her eyes were full of guilt and sadness.

"Daughter," her mother started. "Dry your tears. The doctors said it was hopeless. My leg cannot be cured anymore. They have to cut it off," she said, trying hard to hold back the tears.

"What? You mean an amputation?" Angelou was stunned and devastated.

That was unacceptable. If her mother were to be amputated, she'd have to spend the rest of

r relayed his request.

'Herm? Did he just call me Herm?

Does this young man even know how to properly address someone older than he is? He should at least call me Uncle, ' he thought.

Despite this, Herman was still quite pleased to receive Peter's call so he granted his request immediately.

At the inpatient ward, everyone who heard was shocked when they overheard Peter's phone call, including Angelou's mom.

They all thought that it was very inappropriate for Peter to ask for help in a very impolite manner.

They assumed that Peter was doing this to impress Angelou and her mother. He must fancy the girl.

Angelou, however, did not need any more impressing. She was already very aware of Peter's capabilities.

It was something she would doubt before. But after witnessing all that she has witnessed in Allen's club, she knew that Peter was not one to brag. He would do every single thing he said he would.

Everyone became quiet at the ward.

Peter waited for Herman to arrange the room while everyone else anticipated if he would actually be able to do it.

They were curious to see how Peter would react if he failed.

Ten minutes later, there was still no word in the room. Peter started to feel annoyed.

'How inefficient is Herm?' he thought.

He started to walk out of the room with his phone in his hand. It was stuffy. He needed some air.

Before he could step out, the nurse retorted again, "What? Couldn't pretend anymore? Are you trying to sneak away because you can't get an intensive care unit?"

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