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   Chapter 284 Begging For Mercy

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None of the men expected that someone would dare to create trouble in front of them. Also, they were unnerved about being ignored by the arrogant man.

With his fists clenched, Allen glared at Peter. His fierce eyes were very frightening.

'This man is too arrogant!

He is acting really defiant!'

These were the thoughts on people's mind. They couldn't remember ever coming across an arrogant man like Peter.

"Allen, help me," begged Roy. He was in a state that could only be described as helpless. In a helpless manner, he started to crawl towards Allen for help.

At this very moment, Peter brought his focus back on Roy. "You want him to help you? Listen carefully. No one can help you today.

Roy, how dare you gather a group of gangsters to threaten a school girl! How could you break her mother's leg? I didn't expect you to be so heartless!" Peter spat out with disgust.


Roy's shank broke, making an audible sound. This brought goosebumps on everyone who were present to watch. Roy couldn't stand the pain and began to scream. Unable to say a word, he looked at Peter with fear.

Everyone could tell he was scared to death.

Standing at the door of the booth, Angelou was shocked by this scene. In an instant, her face paled with fear.

At first, Angelou was happy to have him rescue her but now things were getting out of hand. She thought Peter was a cruel man. Not only did he knock out Roy's teeth, he also broke his shank.

Upon seeing this, Allen was boiling with anger. Seeing his cousin's condition, he seemed appalled. Now he couldn't help but shout at Peter at the top of his lungs, "Gentleman, who do you think you are! You have the nerve to make trouble in my Allen Club! Didn't you think about the consequences?"

"The consequences? What are the consequences?" Peter sneered. "Isn't this Alfred Club? When did it change into Allen Club?

Alfred was brave enough to provoke me. I destroyed his club and drove him out of Golden City. I haven't been here for a while, and this place has been changed into Allen Club. It seems that you are destined to be my enemy."

At this moment, Allen recognized Peter. Being caught off guard, he asked, "You?"

This realization made him feel very uneasy. He was surprised to learn that the arrogant man whom Roy mentioned was exactly Peter.

He was so impressed with Peter. Once in Orchid Club, he witnessed Peter trample on Felix who came from the provincial capital.

Apart from that, Peter was rumor

He was not moved by Roy's begging for mercy.

Roy suddenly understood what Peter meant. Then he hastily crawled close to Angelou and knelt down in front of her. In a scared voice, he said, "Angelou, I was wrong. Please forgive me. I really regret what I have done. Please be kind enough to forgive me."

Stunned by this, Angelou felt her mind was playing tricks on her. She couldn't believe this was happening.

'I never thought Roy would kneel in front of me to beg for forgiveness!' her mind screamed.

"Angelou, can you please say something? Please don't ignore me. Please forgive me. I will never offend you again. By the way, I will take care of your mother's medical bill. I will give you 100, 000 or 200, 000... or wait... I will give you 300, 000. I ask nothing but your forgiveness in return."

Seeing Angelou's silence, Roy was overcome with grief. He hurriedly began to beg for her forgiveness once again.

He was well aware that his life depended on Angelou. If she didn't forgive him, Peter wouldn't stop torturing him. Already his leg was in a horrible condition. If Peter continued to beat him, then the consequences would be disastrous.

Realizing what was going to happen, Angelou walked close to Peter and said, "Mr. Wang, just forget it." She didn't bother to look at Roy.

Her eyes were focused on Peter and she had a complicated expression. She knew that all this was due to Peter. Without his help, Roy would have never realized his mistake.

After watching his fight, she instantly knew that Peter was a mighty fighter. But she hadn't expected him to be so influential. The fact that these men scared of him truly stunned her.

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