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   Chapter 283 Why Are You Hiding

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"I wouldn't have believed that such things could ever happen! Don't you worry. I'll help you. I'll see to it because I've put you in trouble. Would you happen to know where Roy is? Please take me to him if you know,"

Peter said calmly, but he could feel the anger welling up inside of him. He underestimated Roy's brutality. Roy not only found a gang to threat Angelou with, but he also broke her mother's leg.

"I-I don't know where he is, b-but the gang members should know, and they will find us once we get out of here,"

Angelou said, sobbing hysterically. Suddenly she started to tremble with fear and pointed her finger at a direction. "T-They're here. They're coming!"

Peter whipped his head at the direction she was pointing at, and saw a gang of six people approaching.

They were in common clothing, with a relatively conservative haircut, unlike the other hooligans who would have had their hair dyed as bright as the rainbow. Peter wouldn't have ever suspected that they were gang members if Angelou didn't tell him.

But Peter eventually understood why they disguised themselves as normal people. That was because if they dressed in their usual hooligan garb, they wouldn't have been allowed to enter the campus.

"Hey bitch! This business of yours looks pretty good. You've quickly found a new customer! No wonder you've become so bold. Does that mean you're no longer afraid of us now? Is it because you've found a new master?"

One of the men loudly taunted Angelou.

"Hey, Mr. Hero." The man suddenly turned to Peter. "Is the word 'die' ever in your vocabulary? Who the fuck do you think you are, touching Roy's woman? Listen here. If you've still got a brain in there, keep your grubby hands away from the woman and fuck off. This is the only warning you'll get. I can't promise you I'll be kind enough the next time around."

Angelou shivered from fear and hid herself behind Peter. She was terrified of being taken back.

These men had become her nightmare. Memories of them frightened her and she was never able to sleep at night.

Peter frowned, surprised by how Angelou reacted. He grasped her shoulders consolingly, and then narrowed his eyes at the gangsters.

"You're right about one thing: I'm a hero, indeed. So what do you make of it? I like this woman and I do want to touch her. How rude would you like to be?"

ad no idea where else Peter could appear, so he made this plan.

Roy asked the gangsters to threaten Angelou until Peter appeared, like a cat would play with its prey instead of killing immediately. However, the poor Angelou thought she was not caught because of her own cleverness.

"What an arrogant person!" Allen said aloud. His expression froze, and he thumped the table angrily. "Tell him you are in Allen Club. Let's see whether he has the balls to come or not."

Allen was very confident in saying this. Only few people in Golden City could scare him. In his eyes, Peter was a man who was still too young to understand the world, and he wasn't worthy of any attention at all.


The door was kicked open by a great strength just once he finished his words. Then, an aggressive voice followed.

"Get your ass out, Roy!"

The sudden thump and the aggressive voice surprised every one present, including Allen. Their faces all turned pale.

Roy even shivered and hid himself behind his cousin subconsciously.

He wanted to kill Peter, but Peter's brutality impressed him so deeply that the unspeakable terror wrung his heart once when he was faced with Peter.

"Roy Zheng, why are you hiding? You are so naive to think that I wouldn't find you if you came here. Listen, even if you hid behind the throne of God, I will be able to get you, let alone the club,"

Peter said coldly, walking straight to Allen's seat, and grasped at his collar. He dragged Roy out and gave him a string of slaps.

The air was frozen.

Everyone was deathly silent.

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