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   Chapter 281 Peter’s Strength Was Proven

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"Oh, yeah! Now that's a terrifying spectacle!"

"Who knew Wesley has such hidden power!"

"How is that even possible?"

The crowd went wild as Peter took blow after blow dealt by the enraged Wesley.

They never expected the arrogant man to have slyly hidden his strength in the fight. If he had displayed this much strength at the beginning of the match, he would have dispatched their compatriots with ease.

Some of the more weak-willed watchers couldn't help but shield their eyes; they couldn't bear to see what would happen next.

They didn't think much of Peter before; now they were even less confident of his abilities.

Audrey was wracked with anxiety. Unconsciously she clenched her fists, fingernails into the palm of her hand, drawing a bit of blood.

If she had known earlier that Wesley was hiding that kind of strength, she would not have forced Peter to take the challenge.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the intense battle, Wesley's leg shot up with Peter's head as its target. However, Peter stayed still, his aura cutting an imposing figure. He stared at him with cold eyes; he knew Wesley was no match for him.

If ever Wesley was capable of dealing a fatal blow, Peter might admire him to an extent. But now, even though it looked like Wesley's attacks were fierce, he was just showing off.

Seeing Peter motionless, the audience was stunned to silence. They thought he had gone mad! Some just sighed in defeat; others just closed their eyes.

With an impressive display of strength, these guys were insulting the compatriots of H Country. The audience couldn't bear to see Peter be defeated; it was a tragedy.

"How could this happen?"

"Did we misjudge him?"

"Oh my God! He is so awesome!"

Hearing some excited cheers, the frightened compatriots opened their eyes one by one.

They were stunned when they saw Wesley lying on the floor, apparently thrown backward.

They had no idea what just happened; did someone interfere?

They regretted closing their eyes.

But those who pressed on to watch the fight knew exactly what happened.

It went like this: Peter dodged to the side just when Wesley went for another kick. In a blink of an eye, he countered by kicking his face to disable Wesley, then he threw him backwards.

It was so simple, yet so efficient.

"You're as vulnerable as ever, yet you still overestimate yourself. You only disgrace yourself when you challenge me." Even when Peter had the disadvantage, he

f tranquility. In an instant, he rushed forward to meet his attackers.

Although compared to the average men, these guys were strong; but for Peter, they were extremely inferior. In Peter's eyes, these guys were even worse than Evan's bodyguards.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Kicks were flying out, finding their way to weak spots. The attackers were thrown back.

Although their charge was furious, they were defeated in a flash. They were like clowns compared to Peter.

When they fell to the floor, they all groaned in pain and were unable to stand up again. All their arms and legs were shattered. No one could escape Peter's kicks.

They all looked at Peter fearfully.

They were like kids going against a blackbelt.

The spectators were stunned into silence after witnessing the massacre.

They all were in awe of Peter's strength.

No one expected Peter to possess that kind of strength and bravery. They never thought that he could knock out a dozen trained fighters in a blink of an eye, which was leagues beyond his victory over Wesley moments before.

"Oh yeah! We finally won!"

"You're amazing! H Country is proud of you!"

"Hey Handsome! I really love you. I really am in love with you!"

Everyone cheered for Peter after that moment of silence. They all looked at him with admiration in their eyes.

They all saw Peter as the real hero; he had the strength to prove it.

"You…you dare do this to our dear friend! You're digging your own grave, you hear me? You're a dead man! Wait 'til you hear from the court!"

A voice suddenly spoke, his tone oddly disturbing, and the spectators sunk into silence once again.

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