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   Chapter 278 Open Challenges To Fight

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"Audrey, what's going on?" Peter asked while attending the call, surprised.

"Peter, could you come to my school right now? There's something that I'd want you to do for me, if you will. Just come over here and I will tell you in detail." Her voice sounded anxious. He even detected a bit of rage somewhere in there.

"Ok, I will be right there. Just a minute." Peter agreed without hesitation.

She seldom called him. It was clear that something awful had happened to her which made her call him in this anxious tone. If she were indeed in trouble, Peter didn't mind helping her out.

At the gate of Golden City University, Audrey stood and gazed around eagerly. She seemed visibly anxious as though she was waiting for someone.

Brimming with youth and enthusiasm, she wore an orange short-sleeved shirt as top, and denim shorts as bottoms.

Two good-looking girls who seemed to be Audrey's friends were standing along side her. Pretty as they were, it faded next to Audrey. They never stood a chance before a beauty like Audrey.

These three girls who were standing in front of the school gate attracted many young men's gaze and attention.

"Audrey, is the guy you called reliable? It would be a great dishonor for our school if he is defeated. On that occasion, even the people of H Country would be ridiculed."

"I don't know whether he can defeat them or not. But I am fairly sure that he is a good fighter. If there's anyone who will teach those guys a lesson they'll never forget, it's him." She paused and then continued, "It was unethical and nasty of them to challenge the martial arts club of our university in such a ridiculing and obscene manner. The most intolerable part is they even claimed that the martial arts had all originated from their country. How foolish and shameless!"

Hearing this, the other two girls gnashed their teeth in anger with a stern face.

Although they had heard about their brazenness and demeaning attitude earlier, it was the first time they were experiencing it in first person.

Recently a martial arts club from D Country had popped up and begun challenging every university in Golden City crazily. Spreading the false rumor that all martial arts had originally stemmed from their country, they claimed that their fighting technique was the best among the world and far superior to the ones being taught at the universities.

In fact, they could just beat them up swiftly and teach them a lesson helping them t

with everything.

He was a little bit irritated after he heard it.

'Those guys really need to have their butts kicked! I will have to show these idiots who the real creator of martial arts is!' he thought angrily.

At the center of the playground where those provocateurs set the arena was already full of people as they arrived there.

In fact people of all age groups and gender were flocked together here. It was so crowded that it was impossible to even stand without having someone push them.

There was a high arena setting in the center of the playground where two people were fighting with each other furiously.

One of them was wearing an ordinary dress whereas the other one wore a white sports suit. The latter seemed like a troublemaker.

There was an intense atmosphere in this place. The spectators cheered and gave their full support to their compatriot. Some were so invested in the match that their faces turned red with anger.

Although the compatriot was giving his best, Peter could easily make out that he was no match for the other guy.

Peter wanted him to win, but the truth was right in front of him. And he knew there was nothing he could do to help him.


Just when he was lost in his thoughts, the compatriot was kicked right in the breast. His bones were broken with an audible cracking sound. The poor man fell down from the arena and vomited blood. It was a depressing scene to watch.

"Shit! We lose again!"

"Fuck them! I am so mad right now. I can't bear it anymore."

"I really wish to shoot them!"

After seeing the awful fall, the spectators broke into rage filled conversations.

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