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   Chapter 277 Peter Had Guts

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The man still couldn't do anything, though he knew that Peter was trying to make him his scapegoat.

Peter was far too strong and intimidating. He had no other choice but to agree to Peter's demands.

What was worse, Robin had been killed. Without Robin's protection, the fate of the rest of them weren't going to be anything spectacular.

These thoughts went through the young man's mind. He didn't hesitate any longer. He realized that he had to act now. He took a firm grip on the handle of the knife and turned to his unconscious companions.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Within a minute, the young man stabbed each of them several times. He confirmed their deaths repeatedly as though he was worried whether their ghosts would haunt him later.

Robin's body had also been discovered with three stab wounds. His death had been a disastrous tragedy by itself. If his ghost were still hovering around the area and saw what his man had done to him, he would probably revive in fury.

"Good. I was thinking of giving this opportunity to another person if you hadn't agreed. I'm glad you've seized the chance.

Clean up this mess as soon as possible if you don't want to be found by the Song family so soon. I'm leaving now. Oh, you know the consequence if the word goes out,"

Peter said casually, and left.

The young man also wished to leave this place as soon as possible, but he stood frozen, devoid of any emotions, after hearing Peter's words.

Now he realized that Peter not only had him framed, but also that he had cunningly used him to clean up this mess and run a risk of being wanted by the influential Song family.

If he did not dispose of the bodies as soon as possible, the Song family's able men would know at once that he was the only survivor.

Then, he would be hunted down and taken into custody regardless of their knowledge regarding who the murderer was.

If he didn't wish to die right now, he was bound to dispose off the bodies right now, so that the Song family remained ignorant about his existence.

This way, he could buy more time to plot an effective escape.

Peter was indeed a meticulous man!

He felt ashamed to be used up as cannon fodder by Peter, but what else could he do?

Everyone would get to know eventually that Peter was the real murderer who killed Robin. In fact, Peter didn't have to find a scapegoat for himself. He was using the young man merely to shame the Song family.

Thinking of this, the young man felt his blood freeze.

He had no idea what had made Peter an arch enemy of the Song family, but he did know that Peter had the capability to inflict great harm on them.

The young man gave a pause to the endless thoughts that seemed to run through his he

nce in one piece.

She knew the thing had spiraled beyond her control. Even if Thomas hadn't been killed in the police office, the Song family would not let Peter walk freely after Robbin's cold blooded murder.

It was absolutely impossible for Amelia to remain contend amidst the Song family alone.

In the Song family house, Max, the master of the Song family, also heard about the death of Robin. He dashed the teacup to the floor, fuming with rage.

He had immediately reckoned that it wasn't any car accident at all. It seemed too obvious to him that Peter had worked behind the curtains for it.

What a brutal murder he was!

How dare Peter kill a member of his Song family?

"You killed Thomas. Now you've killed my son. Do you think you can do whatever you want to the Song family? Peter Wang, I don't care about who you are or what your background is. I, Max Song, will not be the master of the Song family if I cannot murder you in retribution!"

Max roared. The hatred he gave rise to towards Peter spread to every member of the Song family.

Now that the police couldn't gather ample evidence to prove Peter was the killer, he would have to turn to the mafias.

He wanted Peter to understand that not everyone could afford to offend the Song family, and he who killed a member of the Song family would face serious adverse consequences.

On the other hand, Peter never cared about a possible reaction from the Song family. He had been well prepared to handle every situation after killing Robin.

If the Song family didn't trouble him, he would not trouble them as well. But if they did, he had made a very simple plan. Massacre them all and eliminate them from this world.

Now he had returned to the Golden City to go to the Silverland Group, but an unexpected phone call changed his mind.

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