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   Chapter 275 Flee In Disarray

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In a luxuriously furnished room of the Prosperity Manor, Robin was lying in the bed, who still remained gloomy. An attractive young girl in a nurse's suit was serving him.

His position and stature among the society did not let him to stay in an ordinary hospital. After having received considerable medical treatment from the hospital, he had retreated to this place for rest.

An astounding number of esteemed doctors and nurses had been employed to treat him here. The treatment and care he received was no less than the one he got from the hospital.

"Peter, if you intend to meet Thomas, I don't think you will be alive when the sun rises tomorrow! After all the humiliation you inflicted upon me, it is only natural that you should expect me to return it a hundredfold. Not only will I kill you, I won't even let the people around you unhurt!"

Robin murmured coldly in a shivering voice with his hands pressing the nurse's head against his crotch.

The door bell rang abruptly.

A piercing noise of the doorbell affected the flow of his thoughts. He shifted the focus of his attention. The nurse, who had been absorbed into the nonstop threats she was hearing, looked up immediately.

Robin frowned as he looked at the door and noticed a subordinate walking in hastily.

"What's going on?" Robin was annoyed because he was being interrupted when the girl was giving him a blowjob.

"Robin, Mr. Gong was taken away by the police!" he blurted out hastily.

"What? What are you talking about? How can Mr. Gong be taken away by police just like that?" Robin gaped, as if he had swallowed an egg. He could not believe what he just heard.

What kind of person was Thomas? Considering his power and position, he was not someone who the normal police could deal with. How could he be taken away by the police? It sounded as ridiculous as a pirate being taken away by a three-year-old child.

"Yes, according to the spy's letter, Mr. Gong was taken away by being accused of murder. His limbs seemed to have fractured."

Everyone around him listening to his briefing stood in utter silence. They were all stunned to their very cores. Thomas, as a vassal of Song family, was an influential and powerful figure. It appeared to be impossible that he failed in the Golden City. How powerful was Peter, indeed!

"His limbs were fractured ?" Robin's lips twitched as he regained his composure.

"Has it alarmed the media? Have they begun raising questions regarding this unprecedented move? Take your men and split them into two groups. One group is to prevent the media from disclosing the matter

d straight ahead.

An ordinary white car was seen standing in the middle of the road, blocking his way. The scene was frightening as any. There was no one on either side of the street and the car seemed to be unoccupied. It was extremely strange considering the circumstances.

Robin raised his eyebrows into a perfect furrow. He wiped off a few drops of cold sweat. His heart rate began to rise.

He did not dare get out of the car. He ordered his subordinates to check on the car. "People in the cars of number 1 and 2, get out right now. Move this car away for me."

"People in car number 3 and 4, remain on standby. If any enemies appear, all of you need to confront them and keep the path open for us at all cost!"

Robin turned to the driver in his car as soon as he finished. "Once a clear path opens up for us, rush out at full speed. Don't get us killed!"

"Yes, Sir!" His subordinates followed his orders and began acting accordingly.

The eight sturdy men got out of the cars and ran to the white car parked in the middle of the street.

Simultaneously, Amelia, who was now at the police station of Golden City, also received a piece of news.

Thomas had died in the interrogation room.

His throat was slashed open, exactly the way the two killers had died last time.

Amelia shook her head in disbelief. She turned on the surveillance video. It was destroyed beforehand, yet again and there was nothing she could rely upon as an evidence.

Amelia felt her forehead develop wrinkles. What kind of person was he? He had such an incredible skill to kill people one after another in a police station.

This was the second time. It was unbelievable!

Suddenly, she noticed a pool of blood on Thomas' back.

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