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   Chapter 274 Blood For Blood

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 11213

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As Peter was talking, he rushed towards Thomas, trampling on his broken limbs and puncturing him with his needles.

"Ouch! What are you doing to me?" Thomas' face contorted due to the unbearable pain, with so much sweat running down.

It was just so painful!

There was no way he would be able to endure this!

The excruciating pain made him feel like death would be a much better option, an easier escape.

Paying him no heed, Peter was in such a hurry to get to the injured security guards in order to begin applying acupuncture for them as soon as possible.

The security guards, hired by Silverland Group, were hurt while they were doing their job in order to protect their company. Leaving any one of them alone was never an option.

It took quite some time, but thanks to the acupuncture, most of them were able to slowly come to their feet.

Even though they were still too weak to fight, they, at the very least, had the strength to walk on their own.

They all couldn't help but stare at Peter with great awe and respect.

In the past, all they knew was that Peter was a strong fighter. Nobody had a clue that he was also such a skillful doctor.

With their limbs in agonizing pain from being broken, all of them were crippled during the fight. Even the best of doctors might say there was no hope left for them if they had been sent to the hospital instead.

However, after receiving the meticulous acupuncture, their broken limbs were suddenly healed and they could move again. What happened? Was it some sort of magic?

Thomas was also left dumbfounded. It was as if his eyes were playing tricks on him. There was no way to surely tell if all of it was really happening.

Being the one who injured all of those security guards, he had a very clear idea how critical of a condition they were supposed to be in, but now, it almost seemed like they were left unscathed! It was simply not possible at all!

A sudden chill went running down his spine.

The realization suddenly came to him that he severely underestimated Peter, and so did the Song family.

"Sorry, guys. All of you were injured because of the Silverland Group. But I want you to know that the blood you had shed will not be in vain. Everyone who got involved today will be rewarded and compensated with a hundred thousand.

From this day forward, the salary of the Security Department employees will get doubled. What's more, you need to know that I can heal you no matter how badly you are injured for as long as you don't actually die. All you have to do is persevere. You can rest assured that I'd be there to save you.

In the future, if any assholes or bastards like him dare to challenge us, there's no need to think twice. You can just beat them! Beat them as hard as you can! There would be no reason to have any concern because I will be the one to take all the responsibilities!"

Peter's words excited everyone, and this seemed to have lifted everyone's spirit.

Doubled salary and 100, 000 as compensation? It was something unthinkable! They were even so willing to die for it!

Of course, it was not just the money that seemed most enticing to them. What was so compelling was that Peter could save their lives for as long as they were still breathing. Now they were fearless! There was nothing that could stop them!

They were ga

r her to feel a bit better, he then proceeded to massage her thighs.

However, due to this, his embarrassment returned again. It was a bit difficult for him to focus.

And to make matters even worse for him, because of the fact that he got rid of the blood covering the skin, her body could be closely seen. It was now in plain view.

While Peter was massaging her, Dolly felt like there was an unfamiliar feeling coming into her, which almost made her let out a soft moan. Luckily though, she was able to hold it in.

Her face was so hot as if she was on fire. Who knew how she would be able to face Peter after all of this.

Peter tried his best to put his other feelings aside and massaged her as efficiently as he could. After being done with the massage, he simply patted her and left.

"You are fine now,"

Peter softly said. From Dolly's perspective, the gentle voice made her feel like it came from a beautiful dream.

'Done so soon?' She felt at a loss somehow.

'Shit! What are you thinking? Do you want him to massage you a bit longer?' she thought to herself, embarassed.

Carefully trying to move her legs, she realized they were not hurting any more. And upon looking up to check on Peter, she found out that he had already left. She sat up and slowly brought herself to her feet.

"Did the Song family send you here? They are not likely to end this now, right? Now I ask you, where can I find Robin Song?" Peter questioned Thomas as he stomped on his chest.

Thomas was already in so much pain at this point. The stomp caused him to let out an ear-piercing scream. He cried, "Why won't you just kill me? I beg you! Please just let me die! Give me a quick death!"

"Kill you? In your dreams! Still not willing to tell me where Robin is? That's fine with me. I have enough time to play with you!" Peter sneered as he put a bit more strength on his foot. There would be no end to this torture until he decided to talk or until his body gave in.

The Song family had already provoked Peter the moment they decided to come to Silverland Group.

He made up his mind to deal with the Song family, starting from Robin. Blood for Blood! There was no way he would just easily let something like this go.

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