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   Chapter 273 I Am Peter

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7901

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It wasn't difficult to conclude that Thomas was a dangerous man. In fact, they were absolutely scared now.

'My god! That man is too strong! He's like a demon!' Bella thought to herself.

Liam had to be more careful and take him seriously. He had checked the monitoring video earlier when Thomas attacked the security guards. He was violent and cruel!

Even though Thomas was on another level of skill, Liam was very determined to fight him. He couldn't back out now because then, so many other people would be in danger.

Liam charged at Thomas with his fists clenched tightly.

In Liam's mind, he saw this as a battle field and Thomas would be his opponent.

'One of us isn't coming out alive here and it won't be me, ' Liam thought to himself.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fight began!

Although Thomas was much older, he was still stronger! People couldn't believe their eyes.

It became evident just a few moments later that Liam was no match for him. Thomas found an opening and sent Liam flying through the air with a strong kick.

Liam had already been hurt before but this hard kick that he just took from Thomas might send back into injury.

The desk was completely destroyed. As he flew into the air, he spat out blood from his mouth. He landed on Bella's desk.

"I have to admit, you have some talent but I don't care. I'm going to kill you!" said Thomas. This didn't intimidate Thomas one bit. Instead, he just kept walking towards where Liam had landed—Bella's desk.

Liam sent him into a somersault earlier and that was way too much humiliation for Thomas to take, so nothing could stop him from going full-on beast on Liam today. He didn't have an ounce of mercy in his body and he was very determined to kill Liam.


Suddenly, a group of security guards barged into the room. They charged at Thomas with a silicone roller.

They had been with Liam earlier. But since Liam was the strongest of them all, they decided to send Liam in first to face Thomas.

Thomas just slapped the roller away and scowled at them.

He grimaced as he eyed the security guards.

"The security guards of Silverland Group? I was planned to head for your department next but now that you're here, I guess I have to just kill you here!"

He charged towards the security guards as soon as he finished speaking.

He thought he could

Peter glared at Thomas as if he was just seeing him as raw, dead meat.

Peter stretched out his right leg as he neared Thomas. In an instant, Peter was full on attacking him.

Thomas defended himself rightfully so with his own set of attacks.

Even though he was a bit taken aback by Peter, he was still not the least bit scared.

Peter kept his optimum focus as he fought Thomas but inside, he was snickering. 'He is skilled! But he's nothing compared to that young man with the sword!'

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In a split second, they were fighting one another vehemently.


That was the sound of Thomas's leg breaking! But Peter still wasn't done. He kicked Thomas square in the chest and sent him flying into the air.

The look on Thomas' face transformed—he couldn't believe what was happening..

He was actually beaten to a pulp in just a few seconds! And not only that, Peter also broke his leg!

And still, Peter wasn't done! When Thomas was flying into the air, Peter pounced at him.

Peter beat him up and by the time Thomas landed on the floor; he sent a kick in his crotch as his grand finale.


As Thomas lay on the floor, he spat blood out of his mouth and groaned in pain.

"Are you gonna for it? Kill me? For good? How dare you!" Thomas shouted. His eyes were almost red from anger as he threatened Peter, "I'm never going to forget this! I'm going to kill everyone you know! Your family, friends, everyone!"

"Kill you? No, I'm not going to kill you. It's over, you bastard. You can't hurt anyone from now on."

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