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   Chapter 272 An Old Thug

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At the Silverland Group

Bella's heart skipped a beat when she saw Thomas coming over.

She was watching him in the CCTV as he made his way up here. He even beat up a couple of guards because they wouldn't let him in. Thomas was so strong that she could never put up a fight against him. Even Liam was no match for him.

"Wow! What a sight to behold! Beautiful girls left and right, what a lovely surprise!" HIs spiny eyes gleaming as he sized them up, an evil smile breaking into his face.

"You're perfect! Women really are lovely. Now, take off your clothes," he demanded.

"What did you just say?" Bella couldn't believe her ears. Her expression turned stoney at once. "I'd much rather be dead. You make us sick. Don't you ever talk about us that way again," she spat back.

She hadn't expected Thomas to be this deranged to even ask them to take their clothes off. What a disgusting dog!

Clair's face paled; she was appalled at Thomas.

Only the two new staff had remained calm by this point.

"I make you sick, you said? You don't want to take your clothes off? Then let me help you!" Thomas started to walk towards them, an evil smile on his face.

He was going towards Clair, not Bella.

"Don't you dare!" Clair muttered, panicked. She didn't expect that she'd be his target.

That was his plan all along, Clair realized. He made it seem like he was going for Bella so Clair would relax a bit and just when she was getting complacent, he would catch her off guard. A disgusting pig indeed!

Clair felt like vomiting when she looked at his old, ugly face. Was he really going to strip her naked? Was he really going to touch her? She'd rather die than feel his slimy fingers on her skin.

Soon, Thomas had closed in on Clair. His grimy hands were tugging at her dress.

Clair was frozen in anger and shock.

Thomas actually meant what he said—he really was going to strip her naked and Clair knew she couldn't do anything about it. What a pig! What could she do?

She wanted nothing to do with him. She didn't want to see him, touch him, or be near him. But he was too fast for her.

Clair just watched in fear as he reached for her dress but he paused just as his finger was about to touch her dress.

Before Clair even knew what was happening, someone had kicked Thomas in the gut.



Thomas was nowhere near Clair now and one of the new staff had screamed and stepped backwards.

"Thea, are you okay?" Clair was concerned so she rushed to her.

Thomas' cocky demeanor vanished. He licked hi

e and protected.

This disgusting pig had broken into their office and caused a ruckus. He assaulted the Silverland Group employees and it had to be put to a stop right away! Liam, in fact, felt responsible for all of this because this was his job. He also felt like he betrayed Peter's trust for allowing all of this to happen under his watch.

Seething, Liam didn't hold back at all as he attacked Thomas.

Who the hell was this grimy, old pig threatening him and Silverland group? He was going to put this pig in his place.

His fists were clenched so tightly that the knuckles had turned white. Nonetheless, it showed how powerful and strong he was.

But they were both strong and quick.

Thomas was provoked when he sensed the attack coming from behind him.

Without missing a beat, Thomas landed a fist of his own on Liam.

As far as Thomas was concerned, no one in the Silverland Group or even the entire Golden City stood a chance against him, except for Peter. Who the hell was this guy? Liam was a nobody to him.


Grunts and bangs could be heard as they fought one another.

Liam was sent three steps backward.

While Thomas was knocked down and it took a while for him to find his footing.

He scowled at Liam, his eyes beady and evil, his mouth twisted into a sly smile.

Suddenly, it was like a wave of anger had surged over him.

Never had he dreamed that he would ever get to taste someone else's fist in his own mouth. All because he was just a bit careless.

He was fuming.

He was going to avenge himself soon.

"I'm going to kill you!" he bellowed. It was like he had just bared his fangs as he pounced on Liam showing no signs of holding back.

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