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   Chapter 270 Thomas Gong

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"Sorry. I'm not free at the moment," Peter said impolitely. He didn't have a good opinion of Darren whatsoever. In fact, he couldn't even recall his face.

"You refuse to cooperate with us? Have you ever thought about the consequences of not doing what I tell you to?" Darren was irritated. His face suddenly turned gloomy.

They had discovered that Black Rasetsu had once been a powerful general under the command of the Wolf King. Now, she had gone over to Peter's side. They had suspected that Peter was involved in the Wolf King's death, which was why they had come to capture him.

However, no one would have ever thought that they would endure a setback from Peter. Peter did not care them at all.

"You! Don't try to scare me by using your title. That type of thinking won't work on me. But it won't be impossible for you to get me to cooperate with your investigation. I need to check something.

First of all, show me your ID, and secondly, you must prove to me why you suspect me. Otherwise, why should I go with you? By the way, how do I even know that you are actually the police? What if you're all part of a mafia?"

Peter's words were sharp, slapping Darren hard in his face.

"Show your IDs to him now!" Darren's face went livid as he spoke to those who were beside him.

He was certain that if Peter had continued to pester him after the people had shown their IDs, he would not hesitate to kill him.

Peter was a nobody. He even had the audacity to beat up Robin and dared to challenge Darren!

The people beside Darren had reached into their pockets as they heard Darren command them to show him their IDs. However, there was nothing to be found in their pockets. Nobody had their IDs on them.

Darren's face grew colder. He realized that he was way too excited to hear that Peter was involved in the Wolf King's death; he had just brought people here to arrest him without even telling them to bring their IDs.

Most importantly, he did not expect Peter to be so formidable. He was the first one to ask for their IDs.

In the past, the people who were to be arrested had been scared to the point that their legs had grown weak. It was, in fact, not even necessary for them to show their IDs.

"What's wrong, hmm? You don't have your IDs on you?" Peter's eyes narrowed and grew even more serious.

Originally, he had planned to ask for more evidence, should the people there had taken out their IDs. To his unexpected surprise, they weren't able to show their IDs to him. Just because of that one reason, Peter had decided that he wasn't going to be polite to them whatsoever.

"Hey you! You have had a stroke of luck this time. Next time, you won't be so lucky. I can promise you that!" Darren gritted his teeth as he spoke to Peter. He then turned around and left.

There were a few people watching them. If he had

itted his teeth and threatened the police as soon as they had arrived.

"I don't care who you are. Whoever commits a crime must be punished for it. Be humble, otherwise, don't blame me for being relentless towards you," one of the policemen said.

The police didn't even look at Darren. With a wave of his hand, he forcefully cuffed Darren and the others.

"Mr. Wang, I apologize for disturbing you. Please don't worry. These criminals will be severely punished by the law,"

the leader of the police said to Peter obsequiously. He then escorted Darren towards the police's car quickly.

He was just a policeman who was unacquainted with Darren. What he knew was that Peter was the big wig who couldn't be provoked. He had witnessed his strength in hospital.

Peter was glad that he had taken a few close-ups of Darren and sent them to Amelia.

Darren was so angry that he was on the verge of fainting. He would never have thought that he was the one to arrest someone and end up being taken away by others.

He was especially furious to see that Peter had taken pictures of them. He could imagine that once these photos were leaked, he would no longer be able to stay in the Golden City, nor keep his dignity.

Evan had received the news within ten minutes after Darren had been arrested. He was so angry that he'd almost broken his phone. "Damn it! What a bastard! I would like to see for how long you are able to remain so arrogant!"

At the same time, in the street outside the Silverland Group, a taxi had stopped and the door opened. A slightly skinny old man, wearing a linen robe, walked out.

"Is this the place where Peter works? Wow, it is so high. I'm wondering whether Peter and his girls are in or not?"

the skinny senior murmured. Then he approached the Silverland Group slowly.

If Evan had been here, he would have recognized that the man was actually Thomas Gong.

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