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   Chapter 269 Peter's Arrogance

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8787

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Bernard looked at the expression on Nicolas' face, and realized that something was wrong. He then rushed out of the ICU immediately.

"Mr. Ye, Mind your steps!" said the officials in panic as they saw the speed at which Bernard was rushing. Nobody expected that he was so attached to Peter and would take so much pain to ensure his safety.

Bernard ignored all of them and shoved away all the people who were coming in front of him. He rushed outside, only to see that Peter had been surrounded by a group of policemen.

"Stop! What are you doing? Why are you taking him away?" Bernard was shocked and ran towards Peter in an effort to protect him.

The doctors who had been mocking at Peter earlier were stunned now when they saw Bernard rushing away like that.

Wasn't he severely sick? Where was he going at that pace? How could he get out of bed and even think of going outside?

After they had come to their senses, they started to realize that Peter had cured Bernard. Suddenly they all blushed with shame, and they were eager to hide themselves to avoid the embarrassment.

"What are you doing? Step aside now!" Bernard shoved away the police angrily and came close to Peter at once. "Sorry for all this! It is sheer nonsense! I never expected that this could happen!" he apologetically said to Peter.

Even though the police didn't know Bernard, they could tell that he was a very prominent person because Nicolas was coming behind him.

The police stood aside meekly and felt lucky that they had not done anything wrong to Peter. If they had used any kind of force on Peter, they might have had to face repercussions for the same.

"It doesn't matter." Peter waved his hand. He didn't blame Bernard, but looked at Nicolas with anger and asked, "Am I free to go now? Or do you still need to keep me in custody?"

There was a silence all around.

Nobody expected that Peter could be so bold to question Nicolas like this.

Though Bernard, a man with great power, now owed Peter a great favor, he was not actually Peter's close associate yet. Nicolas was the local Communist Party's Secretary and his position was considered to be very prestigious.

Peter dared to question him like this in public. Didn't he know that this would offend Nicolas? What if Nicolas got annoyed and took it out in some other manner?

Nicolas' face turned sullen as everyone had expected. No one talked to him like that. He didn't expect that Peter would now dare to challenge him.

'This guy, who does he think he is, with so much arrogance? Does he think that Bernard would be his servant now that he has saved Bernard

en commanded, a few men rushed towards Peter in full fury, with the intention of arresting him.

Peter's face turned sullen and he in anger gave them several kicks.

The plainclothes men didn't expect that Peter would dare to attack them, therefore they were totally unprepared for these kicks. They were all kicked in the midair and then fell on the ground.

"Darren Bai! Who gave you the authority to arrest me? What is the reason for this drama that you are doing? What's more, who are you? Are you even qualified to arrest me?"

As Peter spoke, he charged at them again and bashed up a few more men, including the two men who had caught Black Rasetsu.

"How dare you attack the police?" Darren shouted angrily. He was totally pissed off and returned to give the treatment back.

Never had he expected that Peter could be so bold to attack them, and even hurt so many of his men. He was far too crazy! This guy had no sense of discipline!

"Attack the police?" Peter sneered. He asked smiling, "Have you shown me your ID? Are you wearing a police uniform? Why should I even believe that you are police?

If all the hooligans act like you, and name themselves police and arrest people randomly without showing identity or wearing a uniform, and call anyone who questions them as 'attacking the police', then this world would be in total chaos!"

"You—" Darren blurted out in great fury after he heard that Peter compared them to hooligans. He clenched his teeth and warned, "You son of a bitch, Peter Wang! You'll now pay for your arrogance!

We are the special task group of the capital and are investigating the death of Wolf King. Now we suspect that you might be involved in his death. Please cooperate with our investigation."

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