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   Chapter 268 Quiet Down

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"What do you think you are doing? You've brought so many people here. Are you trying to beat me up, huh? Do you think that you are really that special?! How come you have the audacity to treat this hospital as your home?" Peter had recognized Dave too. Despite Dave's humble gesture, Peter lectured him without mercy.

The hospital is merely a place for saving lives, not for people to mess about. If patients and their families had known that a group of aggressive gangsters had stayed here each day, with the purpose to cause trouble, nobody would ever dare to come here.

"No... I promise that this is the very last time you'll ever see me." Dave broke out into a cold sweat and assured Peter at that moment. He was way too scared of Peter to challenge him.

He didn't want to annoy Peter whatsoever. He wasn't a rival of his, because not only did Peter have a mysterious power, but he also had a rather strong background.

The last time he was at the hospital, he had witnessed Freddy, the Director of the city's Public Health Bureau, had treated Peter with utmost respect.

"Fuck off! Don't show up in this hospital from now on! The next time I see you here, I'm not sure what I will be capable of doing to you," said Peter, waving his hand impatiently, without moving any further as Dave had presented him in a kind manner.

"Okay, fine... I'll leave right now," Dave said, grabbing the woman and ready to leave. He was far too frightened to show any signs of disagreement.

"Hold on!" said Peter at that moment, as though something had come into his mind.

Suddenly, Dave stopped. His facial expression had changed. "What else do you want?" asked Dave, carefully.

He was truly scared that Peter would rethink the situation and change his mind of how to deal with him.

"That woman just blackmailed me. She'd better return my $30, 000 to me before she dares to leave the hospital," said Peter.

"Really?" Dave's face soured at Peter's words as he slapped the woman in the face a few times.

The woman cried out in pain, but dared not to speak for herself, nor say any harsh words to Peter. She was a mean person, but definitely no fool.

She could see that Dave was scared of Peter, and surely she could not afford to pick on Peter, after witnessing his aggression towards Dave. She could only hope that Dave wouldn't be so brutal towards her once they left the hospital.

Soon thereafter, he found that there were $30, 000 in the woman's bag. Together with an additional $10, 000 that he had robbed from his men, Dave handed the money o

ernard. He walked up to Bernard and said, "Thank goodness you are here and that you are fine. Mr. Ye, I am very sorry for the trouble Peter had caused you before. He's young and reckless. I hope that you don't mind that your treatment is delayed."

At that moment, Bernard froze. After a long period of silence, he then asked, "James, what on earth are you talking about? Delayed? I don't understand.

Speaking of treatment, I really have to thank that highly skilled doctor for helping me get better. If he had not been here, I would have died by now.

However, he chose not to seek fame and wealth... So, I didn't get the chance to find out what his name is. What a pity!"

James, along with the other people in the room, was surprised at the old man's words. They seemed confused and absent-minded for a while.

Nicolas Lin' facial expression changed.

This was indeed not the story that they were informed about before.

What was more shocking was that Peter had even refused to become friends with Bernard. What a strange man!

In fact, even Nicolas Lin would want to be friends with Bernard, but he he was unable to.

Bernard was a very old man, yet smart enough to see through people and had the ability to understand situations quickly. He knew that something had happened.

When he saw their expressions, especially Nicolas Lin' reaction, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

He stood up suddenly. The enthusiasm on his face fell. "Did you arrest the highly skilled doctor?"

Nicolas Lin felt uneasy in the presence of Bernard, as he didn't know how to respond to him. He got quiet and broke out into a cold sweat.

He immediately thought he'd done something wrong.

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