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   Chapter 266 Please Save Him

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 9435

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"Director Wang, please help my grandpa! Please! I know that it's all my fault! I shouldn't have brought him outside!"

begged a twenty-year-old young man sincerely. He was very anxious and he took Herman's hand tightly in his hands to convince him to do something.

He was a young boy. Since his grandfather had been confined to home for a long time, he decided to take him out for a walk. But he hadn't told anyone in his family about this. And, suddenly his grandfather fell sick.

If anything happened to his dear grandfather, how could he ever face his family?

Herman also got nervous after he heard the young man's statement. His expression turned serious and he felt helpless.

He didn't expect that the old man's illness could be so serious. If the old man, Bernard Ye, died in the hospital, as the director of this hospital, he would have to face the repercussions of the same. The thought of this made him fearful. Suddenly he turned towards Peter's direction and said, "Mr. Wang, could you please take a look at the patient?"

"No problem. Since I'm already here, I can check on him right now. But I can't guarantee that I would be able to save him," replied Peter. He could not promise anything before he checked the patient once. Then he walked towards the old man.

However, only after two steps, he was stopped by a few doctors. "Who are you? What do you want to do with him? Can you take the responsibility if anything happens to this patient?"

they questioned Peter loudly. At the same time, they looked at Herman and said, "Director Wang, please stop him right now. Don't let him mess up here! He is not even a qualified doctor. What if the patient..."

Even though they didn't finish their sentence, their attitude was clear that they didn't want to be held responsible if anything unfortunate happened to the patient.

"If you don't trust me, I'm going to leave from here right now. Anyways, I'm not a doctor in this hospital, and I have nothing to do with this matter. Director Wang, you also know what has just happened. I can't help you. It's not because I am not willing to, but I'm unable to thanks to these doctors,"

Peter frowned and said. Then he turned around and was just ready to leave. How ridiculous! He didn't ask for it! He didn't even know the patient, nor did he care about his reputation.

He was asked to help, but not obliged to save the patient. Why should he stay here and be questioned by all these doctors?

"No, please don't! Mr. Wang!" Herman rushed to stop Peter. He then glared at all the doctors angrily.

"This gentleman is a great doctor. I have invited him so many times, and he has agreed to help us. What are you all doing now? Step away! I will take all the responsibility. Are you comfortable with that?"

He was infuriated. The doctors car

Peter. But they could not do anything about that.

They even had the evil thought that Peter might just fail to save Bernard Ye. If that were to be the case, they would get the chance to taunt Peter as much as they wanted. Moreover, the young man would not spare him, either.

Peter was pretty surprised by the young man's politeness. He liked how the guy dealt with things. He was also tired of the doctor's attitude and he even wanted to give them a thrashing. But the young man took the initiative and taught them a lesson; Peter didn't have to be distracted at this moment.

As he thought, Peter came back to the patient soon.

He checked the old man's pulse at first but then turned serious soon.

He was not sick but had been poisoned by a venomous insect.

This venomous insect was not a common one. It was vicious enough to eat up any human's heart and vessel in the body.

It was a cruel species. Who could be the old man's enemy? Who had taken revenge in such a sinister manner?

'No wonder the doctors could not save him! This witchcraft is impossible to be cured by ordinary medicine, '

thought Peter. Immediately he took out his silver needle and acupunctured it near the position of heart, hoping for the best.

The venomous insect had been driven out of the old man's heart thanks to his efforts. Soon it crawled rapidly from the patient's arm through the veins.

When it reached the wrist, Peter picked up a scalpel and cut the man's wrist without any hesitation.

At the same time, his left hand grabbed a towel and caught the insect which flew out from the wound as soon as it was inflicted.

However, Peter's expression changed the moment he caught the insect.

The insect traversed through the towel and got into his palm!

The insect looked vicious and evil!

Peter felt the insect crawling in his body, and panic struck him too.

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