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   Chapter 265 Tit For Tat

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8486

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It turned out that the girl who had just landed into Peter's arms was Anne. She had come here with Black Rasetsu and Minnie.

Peter then told them that he was all right and comforted them. It was 4 a.m. in the night when the three girls finally left the hospital.

But that was not the end of it. Later Elaine, Amelia, Dora, Cassie, and even Clair came to visit him one by one.

'Well, it seems that it is going to be a sleepless day, ' Peter mocked himself. But he was moved by their kindness and was grateful to them from the bottom of his heart. He also realized that there were many nice and kind people around him, and they really cared a lot about him.

Now, Kate Feng, the nurse had also gotten used to seeing him surrounded by girls all the time. 'Undoubtedly, he is a shameless flirt who is good at picking up girls!' she thought.

Peter stayed in the hospital for around three days. The day, he was going back home when a loud noise was heard outside his ward.

"You bitch, are you blind? How dare you dirty my expensive trousers like that! How would you make amends for what you have done?"

"Sorry, madam. I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Please allow me to wipe up the stain for you."

"You didn't mean it? Damn you! I don't care about whether you really mean it or not. It is impossible to wipe up this stain. Come on! Let's have a talk about the payment. If you don't pay me right now, I'll complain to your superiors!" a woman said as she slapped the other woman hard in her face.

Peter walked out of the room and chanced to see Kate being scolded by a woman. The woman was about forty years old. She looked overweight. Apparently, she was from a wealthy family.

Kate Feng got down on the floor, her eyes glistening with tears. She covered her left face with her hand and wiped the woman's trousers with a tissue she had in the other hand. She dare not retort and remained silent at what was happening.

Kate Feng's lunch box too was spilled on the floor with all its content knocked off and scattered all over the floor. The woman's trousers were stained just a little bit. Actually, it was nothing very serious.

Seeing this, Peter frowned and walked towards them immediately.

But before he could even get closer to them, the woman suddenly kicked Kate Feng heavily.

Kate Feng was knocked over and she let out a painful scream. She lay on the floor and couldn't stop herself from bursting into tears.

"Keep away from me! Don't touch my trousers with your damn dirty hands. You wou

er was not worried about her retaliation at all. This kind of behavior was not new to him and he could easily deal with such a situation.

Peter took Kate Feng to Herman and explained all that had happened.

Although Herman was a little bit annoyed that Peter had treated the woman so violently, he promised to take good care of Kate Feng and protect her from the lady.

With everything settled, Peter then decided to leave. Suddenly, Herman received a telephone call. He stopped Peter as it seemed important.

"Mr. Wang, here comes an important patient. Could you please come with me?" He looked nervous. Obviously, the patient must be very prestigious.

'It's none of my business, ' thought Peter. But he had hit the woman earlier and asked Herman to take care of Kate Feng. He owed him a favor. So he gritted his teeth and nodded.

Herman was more than happy. He took Peter to see the patient immediately.

A group of doctors surrounded a very ill old man, and there was some hustle and bustle. But none of them seemed to have the cure for his serious illness.

A man of about seventy years old was lying in bed. His face was pale and twisted. His trembling hand covered his chest. It appeared that he was dying.

A young man was standing beside the old man, and sweat was dripping down along his forehead.

"Director Wang, Mr. Ye is very ill. We've tried our best, but are helpless now,"

one of the doctors said immediately at the sight of Herman.

He looked sad. The best doctors had had a try, and they had used both Chinese and Western medicine, but all had proved ineffective.

It would cause great trouble if such a prominent person died in their hospital.

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