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   Chapter 264 What A Playboy

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7930

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"What do you think you're doing?" Peter couldn't help but stare at the nurse, who seemed to be enraged with anger.

"Guess!" The nurse grinned at Peter, as she held the scissors in her hand, glaring at him fearlessly.

Peter looked at her with a smile on his face. "Well now, pretty girl... Please, throw away the scissors. If you hurt yourself, I will feel very sorry for you.

Besides, we are in the hospital now. If your boss sees you trying to harm a patient, you will be punished."

"Are you threatening me?" The nurse thought that Peter might become scared of her if she'd threatened him with the scissors in hand. However, she had never expected him to threaten her back. As a result of his audacity, she was filled with anger.

"No, I was not threatening you! It was just a tip for safety purposes. You are a girl. Don't be violent in this world. You know, men don't like it when women are violent. If you continue this way, nobody will dare to marry you! Men restrain from drama." Talking to the nurse, Peter had a serious look on his face.

"Are you cursing me, dear Sir?" The nurse became angrier. She leaped onto Peter with the scissors. "I'm going to cut off your penis!"

Hearing what he had said to her, she got very confused with the way he reacted to her threat. 'Why is that bastard so scared of Bella? He doesn't seem to be afraid of me, even though I'm threatening him with the scissors.

He must be looking down upon me! I'd better teach this man a hard lesson!' the nurse thought.

"No! Please don't!" Peter's mouth fell like it was about to drop down onto the ground. He couldn't believe his eyes. 'Is she really that mad in her mind?' he thought to himself.

"What! No? I want to teach you a lesson today!" The nurse became even more furious with Peter. She lifted his quilt with the intention to hurt him.

"My gosh, woman!" Chills quickly raced up and down his spine. 'That chick was not kidding when she threatened me! She is really going to cut off my penis!'

Quickly, he grabbed her hand and held her tightly against his warm body.

Then, he quickly yanked the scissors out of her hand and threw it on the floor. He then slapped the nurse's butt jokingly.

The nurse's face suddenly flushed with embarrassment. 'You son of a bitch! How dare you touch me like that!' she cursed in her head. Apart from that, her head was a


Fortunately, Lisa and Shelly were not actually about to leave. Instead, they were planning on visiting Peter again later. When Lisa returned to Peter's room, she even fed him a banana.

The nurse was stunned. Looking at the sight in front of her, she couldn't believe her eyes.

About half an hour later, Shelly and Lisa had finally left the ward. It was already quite late at night. Both of them had to go to work early the next morning.

Peter felt lonely. That was the reason why he was flirting with both of them. However, he was not about to take advantage of either of them whatsoever.

When they'd left, Peter felt a little bit tired. He glanced at the nurse with a slight smile and was about to fall asleep.

All of a sudden, the door was opened again. The nurse was shocked, as she found another visitor at the door.

'Another woman?

Why are all of these women so beautiful? They are just getting hotter! Is he really that special?' Somehow, the nurse felt a little disappointed at the sight of yet another woman entering the ward.

To her surprise, there wasn't only one woman visiting him, but three. 'My god! It's so unbelievable! So many women visited him. He is like a playboy!

Is he really that charming? He has so many girlfriends! Is that even normal?' she thought.

At the sight of the beautiful women in front of him, Peter felt depressed. He really wanted to get some rest.

"Peter!" Suddenly, a sweet voice touched the very base of his ears. Before he even had the chance to check who it was, a woman had run into his arms.

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