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   Chapter 263 The Nurse

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 9031

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"Ouch, it hurts! It hurts so much. I don't think I can take it any more. Miss, could you please rub it for me? Please!"

In the intensive care unit of Golden City First People's Hospital, Peter was lying in bed, grinning at a charming nurse, trying to coax her for attention.

He did not return to the villa. Instead, he just called back to tell that he was safe and then came to the hospital for treatment.

He had no other choice as he didn't want to see Black Rasetsu and others all anxious and worried over his miserable frame.

"You're in pain? Which part?" When the nurse saw Peter's pained expression, she immediately rushed to his side, her face full of concern.

The superior of the hospital had asked her to pay special attention and take good care of this particular patient. She made sure not to disobey her superior.

"Ouch. It just hurts all over. I think the bandage is tied too tightly..." Peter trailed off, trying significantly hard to suppress the smirk showing up to his lips. He reached for the beautiful nurse's waist, trying to nudge her more for attention. She was close enough to him that he could smell her.

'God, she smells so sweet. Her skin's so soft, too. Girls nowaday are so well-developed. Why didn't I notice this beautiful nurse the last time I was here?

She looks quite charming and tempting in her tiny nurse uniform. If she had stockings on, it would have been even better, ' he thought to himself excitedly.

"Ah, hold on. Stop squirming and let me have a look." The nurse blushed when she was held by Peter, but she didn't think too much of it since she was too concerned about Peter's wounds.

She held Peter in one arm to soothe him and lifted the quilt with the other to check on his bandage.

Peter couldn't help but get excited once she held him.

'Her breasts are right in front of me. They're so big and soft, I feel like if she comes closer I'll be in heaven, ' he thought to himself once more.

He couldn't control himself any longer. He reached behind her and pinched her ass, making the nurse cry out instantly. She stood straight immediately, holding him tighter underneath her.

"What did you just do?"

asked the nurse apprehensively, wondering why Peter did that to her. He had just taken advantage of her like it was nothing.

"What? I did nothing." Peter feigned ignorance, letting go of her. "Miss, you're holding me too tightly. If you don't let go, I might suffocate!"

When the nurse heard him, she immediately realized that her breasts were, in fact, squeezing onto his face. She quickly loosened her hold and pulled away.

'Oof, could it really be possible that he's a pervert? He's so vile to even touch my

closer to me. Please. I need you. I need you,"

Peter begged. 'She is still thinking of me and misses me. She just doesn't want to admit it. I knew it.'

Bella, meanwhile, paid no mind to Peter at all. She didn't even look at him. She walked straight towards the nurse who was in the room.

The nurse felt Bella's powerful aura and felt kind of nervous.

She wondered what the domineering lady had planned to do to her. 'Will she slap me for what I've just done?' she thought to herself worriedly.

'No, I have nothing to do with the wicked man. Don't slap me. It was him who took advantage of me. Oof.'

The nurse pouted her mouth, feeling afraid, but raised her head to look at Bella.

She was just about to say something when Bella suddenly opened her bag and took out scissors.

The nurse's feet froze in their place at the sight of the tool. 'Is she going to stab me with it? Oh god, isn't this too terrifying?'

While the nurse was thinking to herself, Bella had already put the scissors into her hand. When the nurse looked up, she told her, "Take this. If that fellow even tries to touch you, use this. Just cut his balls."

As Bella was speaking, she took out a small box of embroidery needles. "You also take these. If he dares to tease you or play tricks on you, just puncture his crotch. You have to stay strong to deal with that kind of idiot!"

After Bella finished her warning, she turned around and went away again.

Peter was at a loss for words.

'Oh no, Bella. Are you really that cruel?

You even brought scissors and needles with you? But I wonder if this nurse could be as strong as you are.'

As the nurse came to her senses, Peter looked at her mischievously. Another set of cogs started working in his head, trying to fit all the pieces together.

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