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   Chapter 262 Nobody Dared To Irritate Peter

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6594

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Cassie was stunned when Bernal and his men showed up and found her.

She wanted to get her gun but she failed to bring it with her as this was not part of her assignment.

"Stay back! Else, you'll be sorry! What did you do to Peter?" Cassie said, trying to look tough as she subconsciously took a step back.

'What an interesting girl! She's in hot water herself but all she thinks about is Peter, ' thought Bernal.

"Peter is dead and you're about to be next. Were you still waiting here for that bastard?

You know, at first, I tried to ignore you and your snooty ass. Yet, you persisted. Now, I find you right in my nest. It's the time for me to deal with you."

Bernal grinned as he signaled his men to bind Cassie.

Bernal intended to escape as soon as possible. But seeing Cassie and the prospect of still having one against Peter made him change his mind.

Peter killed several of his best men and caused him millions of dollars worth of loss in his business. This was his way to revenge.

This was why he decided to come back for her.

"You killed Peter? Son of a bitch! The moment I find evidence, I will end you!"

Cassie cried. In rage and shock, she wanted so badly to kill Bernal. Unfortunately, she had no gun.

The two hitmen came at her. Steadying herself, she fought.

She was, after all, a cop. She threw a punch at one of them but it was futile. The men were just too strong for her.

Instead of avoiding her attack, the hitmen received it head-to-head. This led Cassie flying into the air and landing on the floor hard.

"Stop playing with her! Get her now! We need to go! You can fight her all you want once we're out of here!"

Bernal shouted at his men as he went towards the door of the room, ready to leave.

That was his number one priority right now. Just leave! Even Burgess was killed. His hitmen were unable to protect him!

The hitmen grinned when they heard Bernal. Immediately, they pounced on Cassie.


have a good rest.

As soon as Peter left, a number of policemen arrived. With Hanley's help, the policemen found a lot of drugs in the place. Apart from that, they also found many girls who were imprisoned.

Bernal and his men were taken away by the police and the club was destroyed.

What stunned the public was the fact that Jasper was killed in the club.

For the press release, it was announced that Jasper was killed due to a conflict that had long existed between him and Bernal.

However, the powerful men in the city were not buying it. They knew that Peter had something to do with his death.

Since then, no one dared to challenge Peter anymore.

'Peter is too strong! He is so terrifying!' thought they.

In just one year, Peter had defeated several powerful men in the city including Alfred, Jasper, Bernal and even Robin. He also destroyed Alfred Club and Glory Club.

Therefore, nobody dared to get in his way.

In a common courtyard in the capital, a man hung up the phone. He looked upset and dangerous.

"You have been meddling on my business, fool. Peter Wang, I will end you,"

he whispered as he slammed a table made of marble. The table crumbled on impact.

It was completely smashed.

The man was infuriated which only multiplied his already incredible strength.

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