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   Chapter 261 Bernal Escaped

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5772

Updated: 2019-04-30 00:03

"You are Jasper, right? Where is Bernal, that old bastard?" Peter couldn't help but frown when he saw that Jasper was the only one in the room.

He recognized Jasper.

It was clear that he was not the man Peter was looking for.

"Bernal ran away. Peter, please let me go. If you let me go, I will do anything for you. Anything! I can be your dog,"

Jasper pleaded. He was not dumb. He knew that threatening Peter was a bad idea. At this moment, the best thing to do was to beg for mercy.

"Ran away?" Peter said, shocked.

'What a bastard! He is fast! Who told him that I killed the young man?' thought he.

He knew, however, that it was useless to run after him. He would not be able to catch him anymore.

The identity of the informant bothered him more.

"My dog? Are you stupid? I don't need you to be my dog.

You made a big mistake when you kidnapped my friends. Now, you die in hell,"

Peter said as he glared at Jasper and punched him hard.

" can't kill me," Jasper said, terrified as he backed away. He begged for mercy. He was willing to give him everything he could ever want. Money, power... there was so much in it for him. 'Surely, he wouldn't kill me, ' Jasper hoped.

However, Peter did not stop. He punched Jasper's head hard.

Bang! In an instant, Jasper dropped on the floor, dead.

Hanley watched the scene unfold from the side of the room. He couldn't believe that Peter killed Jasper.

This terrified him immensely.

His whole body trembled. He did not dare to move. He really could not believe his eyes.

'He is Jasper, the most powerful man in Golden City! Isn't Peter afraid?' thought he.

He had so many questions but he did not dare to speak. 'This is it

despite the pain in his legs. Then, he pierced the knife to his chest.

He stabbed again and again

until Jasper's body was barely recognizable.

When he finished, he turned and found Peter taking a video.

Despite his fuming anger, he did not dare protest.

"You did a good job! I won't kill you. The police are coming and you shall cooperate with them to destroy the Glory Club. If you break your promise, I will come after you and I will no longer let you go," Peter said.

He then took out his needles and stopped the bleeding in Hanley's legs before making his escape.

On the second floor, Cassie sat worried. 'Peter has been out for a long time! Why is he not back yet?' thought she.

Then, she heard noises. It took all her willpower to stop herself from investigating because she also did not want to blow her cover.

"What a bastard! Why is he not back yet? Is he in trouble?' Cassie asked herself. She then took out her phone, about to call Peter.

All of a sudden, the door opened and a man in his forties entered followed by several hitmen.

Cassie's face changed dramatically. She knew who he was.

Bernal Dong!

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