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   Chapter 260 Kill The Young Man

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6760

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What Peter saw astonished him. Never had he seen such a formidable fighter before.

Despite his efforts, Peter failed to avoid the man's attack. Pain wanted to consume him but he fought against it.

Fortunately, he managed to avoid any fatal blow allowing himself to still continue fighting with his fists clenched.

'Fight!' thought he.

The pain crawled through Peter's skin. The young man had landed a very critical hit.


The silver blade sliced through Peter's gut as smoothly as a knife on butter.

Peter bit his lip through the searing pain.


This hurts!' he thought.

Peter was almost cut in half!

Mustering incredible tolerance, Peter continued to throw attacks at the young man.

He couldn't afford to falter. It might kill him.

Unknown to Peter at the moment, the young man was equally astonished at Peter's resilience. He landed blow after blow but Peter was still alive and kicking.

His expression changed dramatically when he saw Peter attack.


Peter punched him squarely on the chest.


The young man was sent flying to the air as blood gushed from his mouth.

He groaned in pain when he hit the ground. His ribs were broken and he could not stand up.

"How is that possible? How can you continue to fight back even after all my attacks?" he cried in frustration. He started to feel anxious.

Peter had immensely exceeded his expectations. He couldn't believe that this man he considered trash was about to be the one to end his life.

"Die in hell!" Peter grinned as he took out his needles and threw them at the young man. Then, he charged, determined to kill the man and end this predicament once and for all.

"What are you doing? How dare you! You can't kill me!" the man shouted as he saw Peter approaching.

'Son of a bitch! I am a martial artist! I am a respected leader! No one disrespects me! This man cannot kill me! My people won't let him go if he kills me!' thought he.

"Of course, I can kill you!" Peter laughed col

was a short message.

"Run!" it said.

'What did he mean? Has Burgess been killed?

How is that possible?

Burgess is a martial artist! How could he be killed by Peter?'

Bernal thought, overwhelmed with shock. Still, he was a cautious man and he knew that he was in grave danger.

The sender of the message was someone who was highly credible.

"Mr. Dong, who sent the message? Is there anything wrong?" Jasper couldn't help but ask upon seeing his friend's face.

"Uhh, nothing. My, uh, men said that customers left and that the cops are coming. If you, uh, if you'll excuse me, Mr. Yi, I have to handle the emergency. Please just wait for me here,"

Bernal said as he quickly left the room.

Jasper frowned, but he said nothing.

It all seemed to make sense. Many folks were injured. Of course, Bernal would have to attend to them.

Half an hour later, the nagging feeling on Jasper's gut finally got the best of him.

'Why is Bernal not back yet? That emergency seems to be taking him such a long time, '

he thought. Suddenly, just as he was about to start looking for Bernal, the door opened as someone kicked it from the outside. Then, Jasper saw him. Peter stood covered in blood.

Jasper's face changed dramatically.

'Son of a bitch! Bernal ran away without me!' he thought. Now, it all really made sense.

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