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   Chapter 259 Fierce Battle

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5084

Updated: 2019-04-29 00:03

The young man was so strong that Peter had to avoid his attacks.

At one moment, Peter decided to suddenly come at one of the hitmen.

"Fuck off!" he said as he grabbed the man and threw him to the air.


In the next second, a two-hundred-kilo slab of blood, flesh, and bone tore through the air as the young man's sword sliced through the hitman.

His broken body fell on the ground.

Unfazed, the young man continued. He was not yet done.

He immediately launched his second attack.

"Fuck!" Peter spat. With all of his strength, he ran to the other side.

He had to avoid this attack! Else, he could be killed!

Peter didn't expect the young man to be this strong.

Right after Peter avoided an attack, the young man was quick to deliver another one. He was determined to kill Peter. In the process of his trying to land a fatal blow, he managed to unintentionally hit almost ten unlucky hitmen.

Fortunately for the dead, they were quick deaths.

The injured were not as fortunate. They lay on the ground screaming in unbearable pain.

Peter had to stop. He could not believe what he was seeing.

'Wow, how strong that young man is! If I were slower, I would be killed, ' thought he.

Peter looked around. It was a display of violence and broken men. It enraged him. "You bastard! You really enjoy killing people, huh? Come at me again if you're so tough. I'm not afraid of you!

Thank you very much, by the way! Why don't you just kill them all so I won't have to do it myself?"

m regretted not bringing a more powerful weapon.

Boom, boom, boom!

Despite Peter's incredible speed, the young man still managed to land a few hits.

In two minutes, Peter's clothes were torn

and he was bleeding in pain.

Fortunately, Peter could still manage to fight despite his injury.

As for the young man, he had his own share of pain. Several of Peter's needles pricked his body. Although they were small, they were placed at spots that made him feel very weak.

Seeing no significant injury on Peter made him feel very furious.

'I have to do something. I have to kill him right now!' he thought. He didn't expect Peter to be so strong. After all, in his eyes, Peter was a nobody! 'Son of a bitch, how dare he use acupuncture needles, '

he thought in frustration. How humiliating!

His rage drove him crazy. He picked up his weapon once again and charged at Peter.

This was going to be a fatal blow.

Despite his injuries, he was determined to end this fight once and for all.

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