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   Chapter 258 Fight Against The Swordsman

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5729

Updated: 2019-04-28 00:13

Peter took his chance. He was a formidable fighter, even dubbed as the Mighty Soldier King.

"Let's go!" He kicked the hitmen to make way and leave with his friends.

They quickly made their way to the second floor where there were not a lot of people apart from the standard roster of guards.

This was understandable as the second floor did not really house anything that needed high security.

Even Bernal would not have expected anything like an ambush to happen on this floor.

They were able to defeat the guards on the second floor quickly and immediately proceeded to the first floor.

It was only by this time that the guards on the third and fourth floors were able to come to their senses and pursue the chase.

Upon reaching the first floor, Peter sighed with relief when he caught sight of the exit.

His friends would all be safe as soon as they left the building. His worries would dissolve the moment he got his friends out. Even if he got left behind, he knew that he would be able to handle himself.


"How dare you cause trouble here! I'll kill you!"

Seeing the angry mobs that were fast approaching, the guards on the first floor immediately presumed that they were up to no good

and took the initiative to also block their way.

Unfortunately, they were no match to Peter's abilities. Peter easily escaped their grasp.

"Fuck off!" Peter said angrily when he saw them.

He jumped and kicked them hard.


The man who was unlucky enough to receive his attack suffered from broken ribs as he flew into the air and landed like a domino on his colleagues.

The customers and desk staff screamed. They were so terrified.

'What a strong man!

He be

tepping and maintaining distance only to manage his advantage.

He knew that this young man could very well be as strong as himself. Still, he realized that he had no choice but to fight.

Not doing so and causing delay would eventually lead him to a scenario where he would be surrounded by the hitmen and the young man at the same time. This was not good.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Attacks collided mid-air.

Peter stepped back shocked at the man's ability. He was as skilled as he thought.

'Leave now! I have to leave right now!' thought he.

He could already see the hitmen fast arriving.

The young man's expression changed dramatically.

He seemed equally surprised that Peter was able to dodge and deflect his attacks, unscathed.

'Son of a bitch! He used me and now he wants to leave!' he thought.

"You are not allowed to leave!" the young man yelled as he took out his sword. He wanted to cut off Peter's head.

He was determined to end him, once and for all.

In the next moment, Peter felt as if the world had stopped and it were just him and the sword.

Peter's expression changed dramatically.

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