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   Chapter 256 Exposed

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7477

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Teresa stood shocked as well. She had seen many things, but this was still quite mind-blowing.

She used to see many bad men, but none was like Peter. His lack of emotion as he did cruel acts disturbed her.

Even Hanley would twitch and show emotion when he cut off someone's hands, but Peter barely flinched. Instead, his breath remained the same.

Hanley's bodyguards both looked at Peter as sweat ran down their backs.

"Have you decided whether to take me there or not?" Peter asked casually as he dangled the knife in front of him.

"I..." Before Hanley could finish saying that he would take him, Peter once again swung his knife, cutting off Hanley's middle finger.

"Ahhh!!" Hanley screamed in pain. Peter raised his knife again and Hanley looked up at him in horror. "I'll take you there! I'll take you there!" he said as quickly as he could.

He wanted to collapse. 'How can there be such a cruel person in the world? Cutting off my fingers before I could finish to answer his question.

Does he know how painful this is? It feels as if my heart were stabbed, ' he thought.

"If you have agreed earlier, you would not have lost three fingers," Peter said as he put away his knife. "I thought you were quite stubborn. I did not expect you to give in so soon," he added.

Hanley looked at Peter hatefully but said nothing.

Ten minutes later, he took Peter out of the small dark house. He walked ahead and Peter followed after him.

It looked like he was simply following him, but in reality, he was also keeping an eye on him. Especially at his shaking right hand.

Teresa was right about Hanley. He was well respected in the club. Soon, they reached one of the private rooms.

"Good day, Hanley," the guards greeted him and allowed him access without asking questions.

Hanley did not even look at the guards. He just pushed the door open and proceeded inside.

The moment he opened the door, Peter's expression changed dramatically.

Suddenly, he was filled with rage.

Anne, Liam and Black Rasetsu were in the room.

Anne and Black Rasetsu were both tied to their chairs. Thankfully, though, they did not seem badly hurt.

But Liam was hanged and whipped. His body was bruised and bleedin

re than twenty people with one sword,"

Hanley answered cautiously.

'Killed more than twenty people with one sword?'

Peter frowned. 'If so, he would not be easy to deal with.'

Peter was not satisfied with Hanley's reply. Apart from the first and last piece of information, all the others was crap.

"Is that all that you know? Who is that Jasper? Why would he target at Anne?" Peter kept asking.

Peter had never heard of that name before. He did not understand why the man would pay one hundred million to strike him down.

"Jasper is one of the four richest men in Golden City. He seems to do this in order to please Robin," Hanley was quite sure about this and answered quickly.

"Well, good." Peter gritted his teeth hard "Tell Bernal and Jasper that I will never forget what they did to my friends and I will pay them a visit in three days, at the most,"

Peter said. Then, he knocked Hanley unconscious and took Anne, Liam and Black Rasetsu to leave.

If he were alone, he would have proceeded to fight more men. But since he had to get Liam, Black Rasetsu and Anne to a safe place first, there was no time for a fight.

He had to leave this place with them as fast as he could.


As soon as Peter came out of the private room, six fighters rushed over from a distance. Obviously, the news of Peter's intrusion had been exposed.

After a short period of shock, the two guards by the door started to deliver kicks and blows at Peter ruthlessly.

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