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   Chapter 255 What Is Malice

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5826

Updated: 2019-04-27 00:03

Peter's mouth twitched as he realized that he was tricked. By the looks of it, the man was either her suitor or her lover.

"Bring this guy inside! Fuck, how dare he try to touch my woman,"

the man commanded his two bodyguards the moment he saw Peter.

He did not even give Peter a second glance. If there were not many customers, he might have already beaten him up, himself.

"What are you going to do to me?" Peter pretended to be scared. The two bodyguards dragged him away before he could finish talking.

Teresa was shocked and was about to curse the man, but the man covered her mouth with one hand and dragged her away with before she could do so.

The man was ruthless. He did not even investigate the issue. He clearly thought very highly of himself and thought less of others, especially Peter.

The customers watched the scene unfold, calmly. It was clear that they were used to it.

Peter and Teresa were quickly brought into a small dark room. The man closed the door and looked at Peter viciously as he entered the room.

"How dare you touch the woman I fancy! You must be so bold. Now, chop your hands off. That's an order. If you don't do it, I will,"

he said as he threw a knife in front of Peter's knees. "Go down on your knees!" he commanded.

This made Teresa angry even though she knew that Peter could easily deal with the man.

"Hanley Yang, who do you think you are? Can't you mind your own business? What I want to do with my man is none of your business. You get out!" Teresa yelled.

"You don't need me?" Hanley grinned. "Teresa, you know you have no other choice. No one will marry you except me. You are doomed to be my woman," he told her.

"I will kill or humiliate any man who dares

Hanley Yang shouted.

'How did Peter manage to bring himself here without getting anyone's attention?' he thought. This only meant that all of Bernal's efforts were done in vain.

He wanted so badly to inform Bernal but he could not.

"No?" Peter laughed as he grabbed the knife Hanley Yang had dropped and swung it towards him.


Before he could even react, Hanley Yang felt his right hand go cold. Horrified, he saw that his pinkie was cut off. An unbearable pain swept over him.

"You still have 19 chances. If you still refuse to take me there after all the chances are used, I may spare your life for you're a real man,"

Peter said with a faint smile. He was even more terrifying than the devil himself.

Did each of the 19 chances represent a finger or a toe that was to be cut off?

"I will not betray him, Peter," he said with gritted teeth. Before he could say another word, he felt another sharp pain. This time, it was his ring finger that was cut off.

He screamed in pain. He felt as if his guts were about to explode.

How could someone be this heartless? He could chop men's body parts off without even flinching!

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