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   Chapter 253 What A Scary Woman

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5449

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Peter was not in the mood at all. He was not there to dance and party. The moment the waitress left, he turned to Cassie and whispered, "Get a room. I don't want to stay here."

Cassie was stunned when she heard him. She flushed. "What did you say? Get a room? What are you trying to do? We are here to save people, not to have sex!"

she said angrily. 'What a bastard! First, you flirt with me. Now, you want to have sex?

Don't you care about Anne and your men? I'm so disappointed, ' thought she.

"Sex?" Peter looked at her, confused. "I asked you to get a room so we could make a plan somewhere quiet, not have sex! Why did you even think of that?

Now is not a good time for us to have sex! We have to save Anne and the others first!" he said.

Cassie was speechless. She didn't expect that.

'How humiliating! But it was his fault! If he didn't take advantage of me, I would never have thought of that, ' she rationalized.

Quickly, Peter and Cassie arrived at a room.

It was well decorated and was a great place for a couple. A big round bed stood at its center. At the side were some uniforms, whips, and handcuffs.

Peter was wide-eyed and open-mouthed when he looked around.

'Wow! This is a heaven for sex!' thought he.

He couldn't help but turn to Cassie. He fantasized that she was in that uniform and handcuffs while he faced her with the whip.

'No, stop imaging! It's not a good time!' thought he.

"What are you looking at? What are you thinking? Stop that!" Cassie's cheeks turned red immediately.

'Bernal is a bastard! Shame on him! How can he allow his people to decorate a room li

. I have to save my three friends, ' he thought.

To his surprise, the woman said nothing. She didn't nod, nor did she shake her head. But her eyes lit when she saw Peter.

Peter got curious. What was she thinking? 'Why is she so calm? Is she deaf?' thought he.

Peter was about to make gestures to threaten her when the woman suddenly licked his palm.

Peter was stunned and released her immediately.

"You are so mean! Why are you threatening to rip me down and throw me on stage?" The woman didn't scream. Instead, she complained rather sweetly.

Peter couldn't believe his ears. 'What? She's so calm! What a scary woman!' thought he.

The woman continued before Peter could speak. "You are Peter, right? You want to save your three friends, right? I can tell you where they are, under one condition," she said.

Peter's expression changed when he heard her.

'Why does she know who I am?

I am wearing a disguise. Strangers should not be able to recognize me!' thought he.

Peter was sure that he had never seen this woman before.

This scared him shitless.

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