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   Chapter 252 Bernal Dong

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7533

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"Cassie, what are you doing here?" Peter asked when he saw Cassie.

She was dressed in plain clothes today, not her usual uniform.

Her curvy figure was visible through her white blouse. A tight pair of jeans outlined her beautiful legs.

She had her hair up. It made her look smart and experienced. The expression on her face, though, was mysterious and strange.

"Are you going in there too? Can you take me with you?" Instead of answering Peter's question, she threw him one of her own.

Before Peter could speak, she continued, "I know you are here to save Anne. I also know Anne is not the only one in there. I'm afraid that they also got Liam and Black Rasetsu and there is a chance that they have already been killed.

Don't think that you can save them all by going in alone. Going alone will be such a big risk that you might not even be able to save yourself."

"Why do you say that? Do you know who abducted Anne? What's going on inside?" Peter shot all these questions as he stood in shock.

Although Cassie did not know all about Peter's strength, she certainly knew a little bit about it. Still, she did not believe that Peter could take this on alone. It was clear that all the people inside were horribly powerful.

Everyone knew that Peter just came out from North City Prison and even trampled Robin's dignity in public.

"I sure do because the man in there is an absolute scumbag. My parents were killed because of him,"

she said as sadness flashed in her eyes. "His name is Bernal Dong. He started his business with usury and he trained a group of outlaws to serve him. He has done many crimes.

In the past few years, he focused more on pornography and drug dealing. I have a suspicion that he is responsible for eighty percent of the cases of missing girls and drug dealing in Golden City.

This man is just very cunning and good at being undercover. He secretly conducts shady activities while deceiving many people with charity efforts on the outside,"

Cassie explained as she gritted her teeth and her eyes filled with resentment.

She hated Bernal not only because her parents were his victims, but also because she was a policewoman and deeply resented such a hypocritical scum of the earth.

In t

his other hand, he pinched Cassie's ass and rubbed it back and forth.

Feeling Peter's hand on her buttock, Cassie blushed. She was annoyed but she could not do anything to stop him. She slowly nodded with a hum.

Soon, the membership card was processed and Peter and Cassie were led in.

"What discount do I get with this card? What can we play with? I'm telling you, if I don't enjoy, I'm going to refund my card. You do not want to cheat me. You'd better satisfy me,"

Peter yelled, holding Cassie in his arms to take advantage of her, just like a sassy playboy.

Those fighters looked over at the scene and disdain filled their eyes. They were tasked to wait for Peter to enter the club but by now, they were very distracted.

'Threatening to refund the card and making trouble in the Glory Club? Who does this guy think he is? Anyone who dares to cause trouble here will go out in crutches. Try it then, little man, ' they thought.

Of course, they were well aware that now was not the right time to argue with a pretentious fellow. They were on a mission to catch Peter when he showed up. What they did not know, of course, was that Peter was already inside. He got in from right under their noses.

He made a superb performance and successfully outsmarted the guards. He did not even rouse suspicion.

Peter and Cassie soon arrived at a place similar to a bar. On the stage, some scantily-dressed women were dancing against poles, sensually holding the attention of the guests.

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