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   Chapter 250 The Song Family

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All the main figures of the Song family were present in the grim family meeting.

Robin was a direct descendant and he was sent to a hospital in a small place like Golden City. It was an insult to their lineage.

Moreover, Robin was the son of Max Song, the head of the family.

"Robin was beaten up in Golden City and sent to a hospital. What do you guys think of this?" Max Song asked as he tapped the table with his fingers lightly. His voice was calm and his face showed no emotion.

Everyone present knew the truth, though. Max Song was angry. Else, he would not have called for the family to meet.

"People in the Golden City knew who Robin was. Still, he was insulted and beaten up and at this very moment, he is suffering in a local hospital. In my opinion, this is more than just a humiliation to Robin. This is a challenge to the Song family," said one of Robin's uncles.

"He's right. There were many members of other elite families from the capital, but Robin was the only one who was beaten like this. If we let this go, we will be a laughing stock! A disgrace!"

Ban Song, another of Robin's uncles, affirmed Ben Song's statement.

They were both very furious.

Ever since the Song family became one of the Eight Families, no one had dared to insult them.

Even in the capital, nobody dared to provoke them or challenge any of their direct descendants. Even more so, in a small city like Golden City.

"What do you guys think?" Max Song ignored his two brothers. Instead, he looked at the others.

Words had already reached him that the person who had beated Robin up was called Peter Wang. Not only was he backed up by Amelia of the Mo family, he was also extremely strong.

The guards who had been assigned to protect Robin were homegrown elite fighters by the Song family. They might not be strong enough to win in a "One vs Many" match, but they were very skilled and experienced.

And yet, they lost against Peter. Some of them even died in his hands.

They knew that they had

face turned cold. 'I cannot believe you, Robin. How dare you put a bounty on my daughter's head! You will pay, ' she swore.

"Has Max made up his mind on how they are going to deal with Peter?" she asked Dolly.

"Yes, they will send Mr. Gong to the Golden City," Dolly replied quickly.

"Mr. Gong? Good. Great. I need you to send someone to Golden City to protect Bella and Peter. No one is allowed to hurt them," she commanded.

"Yes, Mrs. Song." Dolly nodded and immediately stood to leave.

"Max, I can accept that you refused to bring our daughter home and admit your relationship with her, but I will not let you harm the person who tried to protect her," she muttered to herself.

"Robin, you ingrate! I've raised you as if you were my own. And yet, in the end, you dare attempt to kill my daughter for the sake of your position? How dare you! You deserve to die,"

she whispered with a glint of murder in her eyes.

If she could find out the whereabouts of her daughter, Max Song, her husband, could find it more easily.

Still, it was possible that Max Song had always known about the whereabouts of his daughter and the bounty the Robin had placed. He just did not tell her about it.

They had such a cold-blooded family. Max Song would do anything to maintain his position as the head and to secure his authority.

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