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   Chapter 249 Unprecedented Humiliation

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6950

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"How dare you resist me?" Peter immediately slapped Robin's face when he saw him struggling.

The slap was so fierce that Robin's face suddenly started to swell and he spat out blood and teeth. He almost fell unconscious.

"Do you find this exciting? This is only the beginning. I have something more interesting later," Peter sneered. Then he pointed at the two snipers and urged, "Come here, you two."

"What do you want from us?" the two men asked in surprise. They didn't go forward. Instead, they drew back cautiously.

Seeing them disobey, Peter gave two merciless slaps in Robin's face again. "If you don't come here, I'll hurt him more. Don't try me!" Peter yelled.

They were totally shocked.

How shameless and mean this guy was! He threatened them with Robin again.

However, they didn't dare to hesitate anymore.

If they continued to disobey, Peter would insult Robin even more. Robin would not spare them if he survived today.

They walked towards Peter slowly and carefully. "What do you want from us?" they asked anxiously.

"What do I want from you? I want you to beat him up, of course!" Peter pointed at Robin and answered.

The two snipers felt shivers running down their spines.

Robin's guests were also rendered speechless.

Was Peter crazy?

When did he plan to stop? He already had his revenge on Robin by beating him and insulting him. Now he wanted him to be beaten and insulted by his own men?

If they did as they were told, Robin would be in such a disgrace that his reputation would be ruined forever.

Not to mention, the men would also surely be punished if not killed by Robin himself!

"You son of---"

the two men muttered as they heard Peter's words. It was something they knew they had to refuse.

Hurt Robin? Was he joking? That was crazy! They were not stupid enough to court death!

At the same time, they regretted taking the job of sniping Peter. This was a guy who would seek revenge even for the smallest grievance. They did not expect him to push them this far.

"You don't want to do it?" Peter

ould end everything if they killed Peter today. But if they failed, they would face endless troubles.

They would not worry too much if it were not Peter. With a boss as powerful as Robin, they knew that they were untouchable by ordinary men.

But Peter was no ordinary man. They had to be very careful dealing with him.

Peter was obviously very powerful since he managed to survive the snipers several times and even managed to get away from a place like North City Prison.

"What have you decided to do? You can't kill me, right? You are not so stupid! I suggest you bring your boss to the hospital before it is too late!"

Peter laughed, pushed away the two men in front of him, and swaggered out.

His laughter was like harsh slaps to the rest of the men. They hated him so much that they wanted to chop him to pieces. However, right now, there was not much that they could do.

Peter left and returned to the villa.

He felt exhausted after everything happened that night.

He intended to kill Robin at the beginning but he changed his mind. Amelia was right. Killing Robin would cause an earthquake. Even though he was not afraid of the Song family, the people close to him would be in danger.

Robin's men did their best to keep Robin's humiliation a secret. But somehow it spread.

All of a sudden, everyone knew what happened and the elite circle boiled.

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