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   Chapter 248 Revenge

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6309

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"How dare you!" Robin said in disbelief. "Kill him!" he commanded his men. "Kill him now!"

At once, his men charged at Peter with incredible speed.

He just broke a glass bottle on their boss' head. As his guards, that was humiliating. Did he think they would let him go easily?

"Kill me?" Peter sneered. Suddenly, he grabbed Robin by the hair and smashed his head against the table. Then, he pressed the sharp, broken edge of the wine bottle against Robin's neck.

"Nobody moves! Back off! All of you!" Peter glared at them with venomous eyes.

Robin's men were shocked. They didn't dare to take another move.

"Let go of Mr. Song!

How dare you! You are as good as dead by attacking a member of the Song family so openly!

Let go of him!"

the guards yelled. Hints of worry could be traced in their voice as they did what they thought would keep Robin safe. In their eyes, Peter was a crazy man.

If Robin died, they surely would die next. The Song family would not go easy on them if they failed to keep him safe.

Robin felt dizzy from the impact.

When he came to his senses, he grinned wickedly. He was not intimidated. "Peter Wang, stop bluffing! Kill me if you have guts!

Today you broke into my house and attacked me blatantly. You are as good as dead and I swear that I will kill you in the most brutal way,"

Robin swore in a deep, dreadful voice.

He didn't believe that Peter could kill him.

"You don't think I can kill you?" Peter smiled, amused.

"You can't kill me no matter how much you want to," Robin clenched his teeth and replied. The fire of his anger was so strong that it could consume the whole Golden City! He had never been humiliated like that.

"Really?" Peter grinned. Then, he put Robin's right hand on the table and pierced his palm with the broken wine bottle.

"No! Stop!

How dare you!"

Robin's men screamed i

king painful!

He did not dare to threaten Peter anymore.

He was so scared that this psychopath would either kill him or permanently disable him if provoked.

"Mr. Song, aren't you an arrogant man? A proud man? Where are your arrogance and pride? Why are you not yelling at me?"

Peter taunted Robin while he slapped his cheek. Peter was satisfied. Right now, Robin and the two men were under his control.

His slaps hammered pain into the chest of Robin's men. They felt both terrified and hopeless.

Robin's face contorted fiercely and his eyes turned bloody-red.

It was the biggest humiliation of his whole life.

However, he didn't say a word. The best thing he could do now was to restrain himself.

"Are you feeling angry? Furious? This is exactly what I want! Do you still remember the day you humiliated me? Do you remember what I told you? I told you that you would pay for what you did to me, a hundredfold. Guess what? It's payback time."

As he spoke, Peter pulled Robin's hair and threw him to the ground. Then he stomped on his knees forcibly.

Robin let out a heartrending cry and knelt in front of Peter.

He struggled desperately to rise to his feet. However, Peter pushed him back down and he was unable to resist.

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