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   Chapter 246 The Sultry Heidy

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6900

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Peter's expression changed dramatically. The fact that she was a woman did not faze him. With no hesitation, he pushed her and sent her falling in the bed.

"Ah!" The woman screamed. "That hurt," she said with pained eyes as she put her hands over her chest.

Her voice was alluring and her eyes, unblinking. She clearly knew how to hold men's attention.

"I know you're not really hurt. Robin is so shameless to send a woman to trap me," Peter said

as he looked down on her.

He knew that something was wrong. They had a huge mansion. If the two guys wanted sex, why did they have to go to a far-off hotel? It did not make sense.

It was obviously a trap.

"What do you mean? I want you and that's all," she replied, unfazed by Peter's suspicion.

"What are you waiting for, handsome? Let's have fun. I'm quite good in bed. I know 72 sex positions and I can do all of them well. Don't you want to experience my talent?" she asked.

The temptation was real. Her sex appeal would have made any man rush to get a hold of her.

But Peter was no ordinary man. Not only did she not spark his desire, she even made him feel very disgusted at the sight of her.

"Sorry, hookers like you don't interest me. It feels like I poked my nose into someone else's business. Had I known, I would not have knocked those two guys unconscious,"

Peter said as he turned his back to go out of the room.

The woman seemed dangerous and he had no intention of being involved with her.

What was more, he did not find her interesting.

'She must be so loose, ' he thought, disgusted.

"Hooker?" The woman seemed offended. "Stop right there! Did you just call me a hooker?"

She suddenly felt strongly agitated. She quickly put herself in front of Peter, blocking his way.

She was no ordinary woman. She was Heidy.

Heidy fumed with rage.

For years, men had begged to sleep with her. The disdain in Peter's eyes was not something she had encountered before.

'What is up with him?

Thousands of men would die to get me. How dare this bastard l

you makes me sick. You're gross!"

Peter blurted, frantically dodging Heidy's attacks and seizing the opportunity to kick her in the middle of her legs.

Heidy was speechless. 'Is he a real man? Why does he keep attacking my sensitive parts? Damn it!'

She struck back more fiercely, eyes full of wrath.

Pak, pak, pak, pak!

Several rounds of palm fighting later, Peter retreated to a corner as blood spilled from his mouth. He was starting to break down and lose ground.

Heidy, on the other hand, was only a little out of breath and slightly flushed.

"So what are you thinking now? Enjoy a night of romance with me, or be my plaything?"

Heidy said playfully as she glared at Peter. She obviously thought that she would defeat him. Like a cat hunting a mouse, she thought it would be done easily.

"Think of what? Don't nag me! I already told you. I don't like women like you. Are you deaf? Get out of my way."

Peter was red with rage and humiliation. He tried to attack her chest once again.

"Fine. You lost your chance because of your insolence. Be prepared to die," she said. There was coldness in her eyes.

Playtime was over. Gathering all her strength, she raised her hand ready to fight him full out.

She had used up all her patience. She was ready to end him, once and for all.


Palms collided once again.

In a flash...

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